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Why Knowing About Buzzsumo will Make You Happy

Content marketing is the "new SEO". Not completely, but the most important part of internet marketing.
Ever wondered what causes some content to have more engagement than others?

Imagine having an edge in knowing what words to use in the titles of your posts that
have had the highest engagement stats for Facebook and social media.

Psssstt....."David Brown uses one of the best resources for content that has had a large engagement in social media. He is Buzzsumo Academy certified, and has used this resource for years to help clients get the edge in content marketing."

Did you know ?


Buzzsumo is one of my research tools that I use to give my clients an edge in content marketing.

Content Discovery- what content from your industry will engage readers more?

"BuzzSumo takes content discovery to a new level using social search. There is no shortage of content on the web, the key is filtering out the content that resonates with audiences, the content that is currently trending and the content about to trend. A BuzzSumo search will find most shared content across all the main social networks." from the Buzzsumo website

I use filters and research with Buzzsumo to find the best and most engaging content related to your industry. By POsting this on your website, Twitter, or Facebook pages, it increases the chances of Google recognizing you as an authority in your industry. Most business owners are unaware of this "secret". This is only a part of the strategy, but gives you an idea of one aspect of effective content marketing. email me with your questions about our monthly services info at logion.net (actual email address not shown to avoid spammers).

Engaging Content -

It's all about engagement right?

On Facebook content that evokes more likes, comments, and shares wins. It shows that the content is engaging, is noticed in a busy timeline, and has certain qualities that cause the viewer to respond. Content marketers love to show their clients that the posts that they used had a strong engagement.

This is Why This Research Will Make You Happy 

Research done by Buzzsumo, a content marketing research and resource for social media engagement stats, showed which words used in titles had the highest levels of engagement.

The two top titles by far were  "will make you" with 8900 + average engagement responses, and  "this is why" with and average of 4099 engagement responses.

When Buzzsumo did a research study on over 100 million headlines and discovered the ones that have the most engagement, I started using the top ones and noticed a stronger response in a Facebook post for a client. I used two of them in the title of this blog post.

If titles that grab the attention and have a proven strong engagement are of interest to you, as a part of monthly content marketing services, then email me with your questions about our monthly services info at logion.net (actual email address not shown to avoid spammers). .

Evergreen Content - this type of content is not dated. It remains current and relevant for years. This also gives an edge to content marketing.

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