Logion Web Design, an Oregon Web Design Studio

Thank you for sending your
request for our free consultation!

Whether this is for a web site or Facebook custom pages or both,
the process is the same.

We will review your information and contact you shortly to set up a telephone appointment. During
the phone call we will be on the internet and looking at web site and facebook ideas. You can ask questions and we may ask a few also. At the end of the phone call we can discuss a proposal for services.

The next step is to offer a proposal for services based upon your web site needs.

Upon acceptance of our proposal, and deposit for the project, we will start Phase 1.

Phase 1 - Discovery and Setup
The initial setup time involves a discovery phase in which we both explore different web site layouts, presentation ideas, and other sites in your industry. We can also educate you about domain name strategies and hosting solutions.

Phase 2 - Home page and site layout strategy
Develop layout and presentation ideas. Storyboards that have placement for images and text. Branding and sub-branding of main and secondary themes.

Phase 3 - Site Design and Development
This is the actual building of the web pages and design/ development of the site. The typical information site takes approximately two months, mainly because we all have
busy schedules and you are involved in previewing site ideas as they develop.

David Brown, Creative Director
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