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Terms of Service

Non Payment Policy
Failure to pay your invoiced amount or failure to contact us within 5 days will result in your account being placed into a suspended status. You will be required to either make payment of your invoice or terminate our hosting services and obligations. If you agree to make a payment for services, we may impose a late fee of no more than 10% (minimum $15). After 15 days of non-payment your account will be marked for cancellation, therefore enacting our cancellation policy.
We reserve the right to report you to our merchant as non-payment, to report you to a collections agency, or to enter into a civil suit against you for breach of contract and non-payment, each of these options are at our sole discretion.

Suspension Policy
We reserve the right to suspend your account for any reason, for any length of time, at will with no prior notice to you. The following are reasons for us to immediately suspend your account:
1. Violation of our Terms of Service
2. Piracy, Cracks, Warez, Serials, Illegal Activity, Excessive unauthorized use of bandwidth, or copyright infringement
3. Non payment for services rendered.
4. Any other that we deem necessary to warrant a suspension.

If your account is suspended, we will replace all pages in your account with a temporary “Account Suspended ” page. You should contact our support team immediately to resolve the issue and resume your service. There may be a $5 USD service fee to remove your account from a suspended status. If your account stays in a suspended status for more than 15 days it is marked for cancellation, therefore enacting our cancellation policy.