What to Avoid in SEO and Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become to go-to focus in SEO - search engine optimization. 

And Google has taken it's view of content to the next level as to which content it will give more importance in their algorhithm-bot updates.

The bottom line is that quality content need to provide value, original and unique as compared to the same-old, same-old general repetitive content. Example - the psychology of remodeling a kitchen compared to the benefits of remodeling a kitchen. 

  Thin content – most of them didn’t have amazing content… a lot of them had thin content. And to clarify that, by thin content, I don’t mean low word count, I mean content that really didn’t provide much value. In essence, the content was surface level and once you finished reading it you didn’t get many insights or any actionable points or value.


Poorly created meta tags – a lot of the websites affected had pages with duplicate meta tags or ones that were obviously written for search engines and not humans.

Keyword stuffing – shocking people are still keyword stuffing. Of the affected sites most of them didn’t keyword stuff, but roughly 3.89% of them did. Whether it was in their content on meta tags, they were using keywords in an excessive way that made the reading experience not ideal.


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