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Why copywriting? Why hire a copywriter?
Copywriting and well crafted words can make or break your reader’s first and lasting impressions of
your message. Combined with carefully worded titles and taglines, and a strong visual, copywriting can be a power statement that grabs the attention, keeps the interest, and motivates action.

Google loves good copywriting. When there are more details and unique descriptions of your products and services integrated with keywords and phrases that have the most search traffic.

Social engagement and storytelling.
Storytelling is coming back. Personalized into business as story and experience of benefits as sharing. Likes and pins, tweets and posts are happening every second on mobile devices. Words with wow factors built in may be needed to compete with the seconds of attention that you have. 
There’s 333 reasons to use me for your copywriting needs. Here’s a few:
Experienced business copywriter integrated with marketing since 1987.
Published and wrote national newsletter Wall Street Green Review.
Active blogger
Active and current  web copywriter
Research fanatic : by industry, individual business, concepts
Portfolio : 15 samples of my writing

SEO Keyword research expert (top of Google results)
Publisher: national blog: Likes,Tweets, and SEO for Business
15 samples of my blogs/articles
Published news releases for clients on PRWEB.