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When we start to plan a web site we do some background research on the industry, the competition, and the target audience. The design and functionality and goals of the web site all need to be integrated both for the visual appeal as well as the functionality - easy navigation to facilitate the actions that you want your site visitors to take: view, click, request information, call, purchase, etc. We provide both original web site design, redesigns, and editing of flash templates. Our design involves graphics, royalty free digital photography (see Images), copy writing, coding, as well as an approach based on years of marketing and sales background to create persuasive web sites. Consultations are provided along the way as needed.

Web Site Development is an ongoing process of building a site over a period of time, such as an e-commerce site, or social networking site, that involves a fair amount of planning and programming of code to accomplish all the interactive options, shopping carts, admin areas, customer logins, and other features. Marketing plans can also take up to a year to fully implement. A typical project will usually "take on a life of its own" in the process, as ideas for development occur which adds more useful content and user experience.

TThe first website that we designed was setup July 31 , 2000. www.NeonDoc.com - still at the top of Google search for Chicago Neon Signs. Eleven Years ago ! VIEW OUR PORTFOLIO >


Creative Ideas - Creative ideas can sometimes be enigmatic such that it is hard to describe how they happen and when. However, in the course of giving birth to a web site idea or two, something happens in the process, and ideas or a single idea may flow into the mind and start to lead to another or be complete in itself. The parrot enjoying a latte is one example. It is unique, and eye-catching, and adds a different visual experience to the page.

Disappearing Tattoo Creative Design
creative design is combining different elements, or components of a page in different ways to create a different effect. Design covers the whole range of art, graphics, digital photography, multimedia, and animated flash effects. The "Disappearing Tattoo" flash file was developed from the concept of replacing a boyfriends tattooed name with another new boyfriend's name. Laser tattoo removal is being offered as one of the services by a doctors clinic in which we designed their web site.

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