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Content marketing has become the go-to strategy for internet marketers who want to help their clients increase their Google exposure, their business brand, and ultimately the bottom line. It is the key component in "SEO" or search engine optimization, along with reviews and social engagement. Google likes updated relevant information that shows the author is an authority in their industry, and that there is engagement with the content.

Reality check - the internet has become saturated with content, advertising, overkill, addictive use, abuses, scammers, and spammers, and constant changes by the tech firms that dominate the cyber space : Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter to name a few. It used to be that we ran technology. We used it to further our goals for more information, more transparency, more efficiency, and faster results. We won. Now are we being run by technology, or at least by the needs for constant change and innovation? It's complicated. There may be no one single answer and it is not a black and white, all or none issue.

What the average business owner does know is that there are so many options out there, and so many solicitations trying to "help" their business with Google or Facebook that is almost impossible to sort them out. . Internet marketing services have exploded, and are competing for a share of the market that "needs" their services. Google changes the rules, and marketers have to change with them. Facebook changes the rules, and marketers need to change with them also. When done correctly, content marketing is the most effective way of getting new business and retaining customers.
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