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Websites in 2020 and beyond need to be updated with current code standards as well as design structure that meets the needs of browsers as well as website visitors.

Compelling copy, strong visuals, clean balance and spacing, and accessibility for response are all factors. Your website needs to stand out, make a statement, be informative and subtly persuasive, and motivate site visitors to click for more information, or to make a purchase, or set up a free estimate or consultation. The following summaries provide a quick overview. The Most Important Web Design Elements has it own page listing the seven most important things to have in a professionally designed website.

What's the Most Important Item on a Website?

The Buyer's Journey

There is a journey to the final decision to buy and we want your website to help them on that journey. Design includes the structure on a site as well as the important part of the content that shows a person where to click. Whether it is "Learn more", or "Buy now", website visitors need to be able to see clearly how to take the next step. Many websites are over-programmed, over-thought and over-built. As a result, there is too much information, or visual input.

The 7 Most Important Web Design Elements

We Include All of These and More

There are certain components of websites that are important to have. These include mobile device - responsive design, secure servers, eye-catching photos, keywords and copywriting, and a creative presentation. We have a summary of these on it's own page.Learn more about web design elements

Content Marketing and SEO

Google: Your Website's Friend

Your website needs to be integrated with Google and other browsers to have maximum potential on the internet. External items include Google My Business and Maps, Links, Third party content, social media, testimonials, content marketing and the important SEO or search engine optimization methods to improve page ranking. These services require a monthly subscription. Learn more about web design elements

Why Pandemic Pricing? What is Included?

Basic to Full Service Monthly Packages

Our low pricing for our starter website package includes the main elements described above, free hosting for the first year, creative consulting for keywords and text for the site, as well as our twenty plus years of experience. Advanced services not included in the basic package would be e-commerce websites, advanced programming, SEO or internet marketing, social media, Google My Business setup. The basic package for $375.00 uses a clean code platform for a header, navigation menu, body, and footer for the web pages. However, even a 10 page site can be time consuming in planning and revisions, so we limit our basic website package to ten pages. For the starter package of $375.00 we include the seven most important elements for professional web design. Learn more about web design elements

A Commitment to Excellent Service

Why Our Clients are Happy and Loyal

We have loyal and satisfied clients that have been with us for years. These are just two examples of testimonials from Google. Testimonial

Why is Copywriting Important?

Compelling Copy Makes a Difference

Most people scan webpages and do not read the full paragraphs. We write compelling copy with titles, subtitles, and brief copy that a web site visitor can scan and read more if needed. Learn more about why copywriting for a website is very important.

SEO and Copywriting/
Get Started with a free telephone chat- email us with the best day and time that works for you - info @ Logion.net (spaces used to avoid spammers) Learn more about web design elements