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This Research Will Make You and Your Website Smile

Certified Content Marketer

This is Why Titles and Headlines are Important

If you have noticed, the titles and headlines of this website are a bit different.

Of course they include keywords such as web design and marketing.

Research that we use from Buzzsumo analyzed 100 million headlines to determine which ones had the meximum response.

We use the same research for your website.

A carefully planned headline can engage your website visitor to click, to read, and possible share your website content. Keywords in titles help with SEO. Write on. SEO copy writing

Why Research Helps

The value of research into headlines, titles, and content in general is that it provides two guidelines for creating and using engaging content. It shows which particular words and phrases evoked the most response such as "Will Make You" "This is Why" and list titles such as "10 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is Needed in Today's Market".

It also shows what web site visitors want to see and care about when they are browsing a website and reading titles first, then deciding to read the content that follows. Since there is a barrage of content out there, and competition for web site traffic from both local and possible national companies, research is also valuable in search engine optimization and internet marketing.

In other words, can we make both the website visitor and Google happy? Research helps give us the edge. Creativity does the rest.

What is Copywriting for Mobile Site Views?

Current web design methods include designing for the mobile device first, then also making sure that it has a strong presentation in the laptop, desktop, and tablet view.

Copywriting for websites needs to be brief, succinct, to the point, and broken up into smaller paragraphs or sections for easier reading.

If you arrive at a page full of text what is your immediate reaction? Move on. Copywriting for mobile devices will display differently, be easy to read, and easy to navigate and take action. Mobile views account for over half of the website views in 2020.

Our goal for your website is the right combination of images and copy text to provide a good experience for the website visitor.

View any website on different movile devices and phones with this external app at the website www.MobileTest.me

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