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by David Brown, webmaster

One of the most important strategies for web design these days is to have the website be Search Engine Friendly. Search engine optimization or SEO for short, is a hot topic because of the increasing awareness of website owners that their site needs to be found in order to have business from the web. So, web design not only includes design, but must include SEO best standards for the site to have a foundation of code that will help with page ranking by Google.

Why Salem Oregon web design strategies? This article specifically focuses on the area of website marketing known as local search. Local searches for Salem websites usually involved the state also since there are other cities named "Salem" in the U.S. So searches will starft with "Salem Oregon" as the beginning of the local search, or with the keyword followed by the city and state.

In planning a marketing campaign along with a design, we can start with the domain name. If the domain name is the same as the main keyword search for that particular business, Google will give it some additional relevance for page ranking. The result has been obvious with the sites that I have developed using this strategy. One example is www.RemodelingSalemOregon.com. By using this domain name instead of the business name, V.A. & Sons Construction, they have improved their relevance. We built this site to also be SEO friendly with keywords, titles, header tags and other links. As a result, within days they were seeing their position on the first page of Google for "Salem Oregon remodeling".


In addition to the domain name, the title of a website is crucial to achieve better page rankings. The main keyword phrase such as "Salem Oregon web design" needs to appear at the beginning of the title. Then the business name can follow. Titles need to be a certain length - no more than 70 characters - including spaces.

We have been using this same "Salem Oregon web design" strategy for years and as a result, many of our clients enjoy top Google ranking as a result. However, SEO is not just a one time deal. It must be developed over time and ongoing to ensure top page rankings. We provide a monthly SEO service in which we dedicate a specified number of hours to work on a websites SEO. Think of it as a matrix. We start with a foundation, then continue to add additional links in, blogs, articles, and other strategies to help with the page ranking. Another client of ours is position ed in the middle of the first page of Google for the main keyword result, and this is for national marketing.

Whether you are planning to focus on local search results such as Salem Oregon website design, or national results of a generic keyword phrase, SEO takes time and knowledge to develop, and we can help.

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