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WWW - The World Wide Web - We Are All Connected - Even 2009 Superbowl ads were all showing their web site addresses.
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The internet is the main resource for people to find out information about anything and everything, including the products and services of every business or organization they find in the Google search or other search engines. The internet is like one big library, and people like to see what is being offered. You may be here because you recognize this need already and are searching for a web design company

As a mainstream source of viewing and exchanging information, for billions of people around the world, the Internet offers unprecedented exposure of your organization via your web site or web application. Given this wide exposure, it's surprising that many organizations today neglect to ensure that they have both an aesthetically pleasing, yet easy to use web site. Visual impact and functionality are both important.

Logion Web Design offers professional web development and design expertise to fill-in this gap, at surprisingly affordable rates. We develop web sites and web applications for organizations, of all sizes, with an emphasis toward small and medium sized businesses.

The Research and Results - In May 2002 an extensive study was done by Stanford University titled "The Web Credibility Project". The research ran over the course of three years and 4500 evaluations, showed some important guidelines for building credibility in a web site. They still have a whole school on the subject called captology. It is the study of the design, theory, and analysis of persuasive technologies, or how people respond or interact with a website, mobile phone, and other technologies.

The following credibility guidelines are summarized here. These are a part of the planning process that we incorporate when setting up the content and ideas for your custom web site. Click on each item and a separate browser page will open. Close that page and return here.

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