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The International Webmasters AssociationUse restraint with any promotional content (e.g., ads, offers).

David Brown and Dog Shaman

People Do Not Like Too Much Hype and Overkill
Most people browsing a web site do not want to be distracted with too many banners or blinking ads that say ":Click here"
. It has the same effect as receiving spam email. There is a tasteful way to display concepts that may be appealing to the behavior of a prospective buyer of your goods or services.

The Buyer is in Control.
They can click off of your site just as fast as they clicked on. Too much promotional material will cause there to be too many site exits without the actions taken that you would hope for. The key to persuasive web sites and getting users to submit a request for information or to buy a product online is a whole detailed study that we have researched ourselves for your benefit. Learn more... Ask Us

People need to have help in making their own decision to want to use your service or product.

(pictured above: owner David Brown and dog Shaman)



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