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David Brown and Dog ShamanWell, this is an interesting criteria. Normally, we would not just come right out and say that we are trustworthy and honest. Would you? It seems that is almost too brash or overkill. However, there are other ways of showing this. Individual profiles on the owners of a company could show that they lead normal lives, contribute to their community, and a picture may speak a thousand words. When we say that we have thirty years of business experience, you can tell from the picture to the left that we are not fresh out of college ! (pictured left: owner David Brown and dog Shaman)

To be worthy of trust: Sometimes this can be discerned in a phone conversation. Sometimes in a face to face meeting. References could be requested and opinions of others checked out. An overall impression of the web site presentation - the look and feel- the sense that they are "real". All of these factors may come into play when you are evaluating the trustworthiness of the people behind the company.

Honesty and good ethics are important in business. By showing the following guidelines that are important for a web site usability and providing as much information as we can within our time constraints for your review on this site, we hope that we have demonstrated some honest and straightforward efforts in communication with you as a prospective customer. You are invited to contact the owner of Logion Web Design to ask any questions about the company or his approach to working with clients. 503-302-2333.



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