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David Brown and Dog Shaman

Easy to Use
A site that is easy to use has user friendly navigation menu that is on every page of the site,
as well as a sitemap that provides a summary of all the site's pages with links to that page.

Is the Site Useful?
Information that is provided in the site needs to be useful for a site visitor so that can read and learn as much about the company, philosophy, and background as well as the description of services offered, how these work, and what is involved. Just the right amount of information is needed so there is not overkill for someone looking for summaries, or too little information for someone wanting to get deeper into what is being offered. A useful technique that we recommend to most of our clients is that their web site can also be used as a "powerpoint" presentation and can have pages that can be discussed over the phone with a prospective client while you are both viewing the site online. This makes the site a useful tool that leverages your communications by phone. Especially when they see your picture and know that the person that they are talking to is a real person who may also be a dog owner.

(pictured above: owner David Brown and dog Shaman)



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