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David Brown and Dog Shaman(or is appropriate for your purpose).

Well, this is one of the points of our own site: to present a professionally designed web site of a web design company, to help you make an informed decision about whether you want to contact us for services. This site combines professional design, with both general and more technical information, as well as creative design elements to balance the pages out from being too full of text.
(pictured left: owner David Brown and dog Shaman)

The Advantages of Professional Design:
Your image is very important and first impressions are also. You may have an interest in saving money by wanting to design your own site. However, apply the same principle to your own business. You have expertise in a certain area. If a prospective client says that they are going to do this same area of expertise themselves, chances are that it will not be as professional as if they had you do it.



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