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Surprised Our New 2013 XL Hybrid Content Management System(CMS)


The CMS makes it possible for you to add/remove pages at will on your site.

You can create hierarchies of pages too, which lends itself well to sub-navigation items, sub-sub navigation, etc.

Our CMS is very nearly a full page editor, meaning that rather than having editorial control over a small portion of a given page, you also have layout & content freedom not available on many other content management programs..

The CMS itself is spartan with respect to its general look & feel, but it is easily skinnable with any compatible design. If you want to have a selection of designs we can offer several for you to choose from or provide a custom design template. The following steps are involved::
  1. Create a new directory for the site & copy the desired design/CMS files into that directory.
  2. Create a new MySQL database for the site & copy the CMS' database structure into it. Cold Fusion, a sophisticated program that we are specialists in, also needs to be told where to find the MySQL database.
  3. Modify a few key variables in four of the CMS' files mainly set the site's name and database name.
  4. Point your domain name (or sub-domain) to the directory containing the design/CMS files.

Once we have the design template(s) set up for you, we integrate these four steps into the back end of the site also known as the Admin areas, where you will be able to start adding content into the new site almost immediately after it goes live.

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