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The International Webmasters AssociationCopy Writing - for Your Website

How do you keep a web site visitor's interest,
and be persuasive enough to motivate them to take the next step?

It takes a combination of attention-grabbing images and copy - titles, tag lines, and effective writing.
The bottom line is for your prospective customers, web site visitors, and existing returning customers
to understand what your web site can do for them.

So what will your copy writing do for me ?
That's just one of the questions that you may ask. How about the questions from your own web site visitors? "What am I doing here?," "How do I do it?," and "Where can I go next?" "Where are the Frequently Asked Questions?"

If the interest is not sustained , one click and they are gone. Please stay.
We are enjoying your visit!

Writing for the web is a bit different. It relates to how time has been "sped up" as a result of the overwhelming access to and amount of information that is available now. Chances are that you may be scanning this text area rather than reading it carefully.

We have provided some copy writing on this site to "let the facts speak for themselves", and give you an example of why we believe and practice the art of effective copy writing both for our own site as well as for our customers. It's not a perfect world. There are different personalities that will visit your site. Some will only scan it and browse. Some will be more technical and analyze every word. Others will have already evaluated other sites in your industry and are ready to make an informed decision to take the next step. These are important considerations for every web site developer and business owner. This applies even more for e-commerce sites where there needs to be a level of trust and seamless flow of steps towards making it easy for someone to transact and make a purchase online. Who is your target audience? Let us write copy for you that will persuade them to buy your products or services with words and images.

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