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# 1 Most Important Fact: We use the top rated, award winning SEO program to leverage our time and results for our clients.

Our target market for clients are small business owners who are too busy running their business to manage their internet marketing. However, if you are looking for Do it yourself SEO, then try this top rated program free! This is the same program that we use for our clients.SEOmoz

There is a ton of information about internet marketing out there. We have the knowledge, experience, and results that we can show you and create for you. Our monthly marketing retainer assures that you will have an ongoing campaign to increase visibility of your web site. One case study is shown below.


We are experts in internet marketing and have a number of websites at the top of Google as a result of "SEO" - Search Engine Optimization that we do from our own methods and techniques without farming it out like other web design companies. As a result, some of traffic that we generate every month includes over 1000 visitors to two of our sites, over 500 to several others, and over 300 to a large number. We will be glad to provide you with more details if you are interested. We also have a separate site set up just for SEO - click on our logo below to visit LogionSEO.comLogion Web Design

Case Study: Longs Meat Market - Eugene Oregon
Longs - A Eugene Oregon Meat Market
We have managed Longs Meat Market website for years. We designed their logo, website and developed a strong keyword rich internet marketing program. Today they have over 1000 unique website visits per month , hundreds of email subscribers and Facebook fans.

Besides our goal of designing persuasive websites, we recommend a separate marketing plan to boost the possibilities for increasing site visitors and percentages of responses and sales. This applies to local searches for basic information sites as well as national searches for eCommerce sites. Internet options for promoting a site include a wide variety of choices. Contact us for a specific marketing plan for your business website.

SWe have resources and experience in optimizing a web site to increase page ranking by analyzing meta-tags, keywords, content relevance, and other strategies. A case study recently involved a marketing strategy for a client business relocating to another city. We optimized their pages before they arrived there and achieved a number one page rank on a major search engine one week before the move occurred. There are no guarantees, and time needs to be allowed for development of links and optimization. In the meantime, we can place strategic ads to guarantee a top three position on a search engine result page while the optimization process occurs.

Advertising can range anywhere from pay-per-click , to banners, to listings in directories, to print ads that show the web address. The key in internet advertising is to have a location where you know that there will be "traffic" or a large number of people searching for specific information with specific keywords. Enter : pay-per-click......to have a top-listed keyword on Yahoo, MSN, CNN.com, or Google, you will be seen by the numbers of people that are searching for a particular keyword.

Contact us for ideas on how to maximize your website traffic and results.
Capture local search results, or take your business nationwide or worldwide with an e-commerce site.

Do Your Homework: There are many books out there that can educate you on internet marketing. Here's two examples:

Linked InHow to Succeed in Business Using LinkedIn: Making Connections and Capturing Opportunities on the World's #1 Business Networking Site

Forget business cards and power lunches- networking has changed forever. Discover how to make the most of the hottest professional website. It is now estimated that 19 million business professionals log onto this site every day to look for job opportunities, search for potential clients, get recommendations from colleagues, and reconnect with former coworkers. "How to Succeed in Business Using LinkedIn" takes users through every aspect of the site, from getting registered and building their network to posing questions and creating groups

Read This Book

The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting,
Viral Marketing and Online Media to Reach Buyers Directly
By David Meerman Scott

The Internet has profoundly changed the way people communicate and interact with each other. But it has also changed the way businesses communicate with their customers (and those who they want to be customers). In the old days, companies could only communicate through the filter of expensive advertising or media ink placed by a PR firm. Today the rules have changed entirely. More info.>

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