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The International Webmasters AssociationWhat is e-Commerce? e-Commerce consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily since the spread of the Internet. With the retooling of the worldwide economic systems, watch for an increase in ecommerce as an effective way to reduce overhead to market products and services.

Read About The Front End, Back End, and Programming of an Ecommerce Web Site . There is a lot involved in e-commerce site planning and advanced features that may not be included in the base fee estimate. Projects sometimes take on "life of their own" when we get into development. Changes and additional time are normal.

Front End The front end of an ecommerce site looks like any other information site. There is the design and branding as well as navigation links to other pages. A few minor differences may be on the page such as a link to "Cart" , or a login for existing customers. An eCommerce home page will be functional both for new visitors as well as returning customers.

Front End The back end of the site cannot be seen by your site visitors, only by you and/or your site administrator. Also known as the "Admin" , it is the area where you can enter in your various data such as product information, photos, and other text or images. When these are input, they will show up in the front end of the site as changes to existing pages that you have already created or new pages, with new links from the navigation.

Front End The programming for a database-driven e-commerce site can be done in a variety of languages. Our specialty is Adobe Cold Fusion." It is a premier server side solution for building rich internet applications." (Adobe's tagline). Our programmer has fifteen years experience and is a "code wizard" with Cold Fusion.

Front End

"eCommerce sales continue to grow rapidly, having topped $200 billion in 2011. Forrester expects that online sales will grow from 7% of overall retail sales to close to 9% by 2016. Key drivers of this growth include consumers' greater comfort level with purchasing various categories online, broader web shopping capabilities with mobile and tablet devices, innovative new shopping models that divert spend away from physical stores (e.g., flash sales, subscription models), online loyalty programs, and aggressive promotional offers from web retailers."
Forrester Research - full report $499

Front End
Planning Your E-Commerce Site

Careful and meticulous planning is needed for an eCommerce web site to maintain the functionality and usability for seamless and secure transactions. The front end of the site is your branding and sub-branding introduction of products and services. Getting users to submit to each step in the process is the key to developing persuasive web sites. Making attractive offers and incentives is important as well as getting your site found on the internet. A marketing plan is essential in the development of an e-commerce site. What is your competition? How are they found? What keywords are being used to find your products and services?


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