The Best Kept SEO Secret for Small Business Owners to Know

 The Best Kept SEO Secret in Ten Years for Small Business Owners to Know

For small business owners who are too busy running their business, and need to have better visibility on Google, the now famous buzzword "SEO" (search engine optimization) has become better known yet is still confusing to so many.

For nearly twenty years, I have provided internet marketing for clients, even before the term SEO was created. 

And now in 2022-2023 I have seen a dramatic revolution in the methods and techniques, resources and tools that I use to leverage my time and save clients money in their monthly payments for high quality SEO.

It started slowly about five years ago, then gradually started growing and expanding and now it is exploding and becoming dominant in our SEO expert's toolbox of services.

The best kept secret? AI - artificial intelligence -has reached a point where it is becoming a powerful tool that drives the SEO and content development, analytics, and creative alternatives. 

Why is it still a "secret"? 

Many business owners are swamped with emails from scammers, spammers, "sounds too good to be true" offers, and confusing promises of the "top of Google". 

I have had clients send me the emails like these and I do a search on Google for the company name followed by "scam" and I am usually not surprised at the result. 

The secret lies in finding a reliable and trustworthy SEO consultant who won't break the bank and who can deliver results within a reasonable amount of time. Who has a track record of results with local business, and also has good reviews. 

Another secret is knowing that the professional approach to SEO and website design is so much more than the Do It Yourself approach, and has so much more depth in resources and tools and how to use them. 
As you browse down this home page of Logion Web Design, you will see that we fall into the categories described as "secrets" above, and have the experience, research, tools, and reviews to back it up. 
On the posts below you will see  testimonials and reviews from local Salem businesses, a detailed description of services, The Most Important Web Design Elements including:
the seven most important things to have in a professionally designed website. 
Yet all of this information is only here if you have time to read it. The fastest way to get started is to contact us for a free phone consultation, ask questions, as we will ask questions, and see if our services are the right fit for you.

Sometimes we answer the phone live, but not always, so please leave a message that includes your name, business name, telephone number and email address.

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David Brown
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There is no one "best" SEO secret, as search engines like Google use complex algorithms that take into account hundreds of different factors when ranking websites. However, there are some key strategies that are known to be effective in improving a website's search engine visibility, including:

  1. Creating high-quality, relevant content that satisfies the user's search intent.

  2. Building a strong backlink profile by earning links from authoritative, relevant websites.

  3. Conducting thorough keyword research and optimizing content with relevant keywords and phrases.

  4. Ensuring that the website is technically optimized for search engines, including having a clear site structure, fast loading speed, and mobile-friendly design.

  5. Engaging in local SEO strategies, such as optimizing for local keywords and directories, if the website serves a specific geographic area.

  6. Utilizing social media and other online platforms to build brand awareness and drive traffic to the website.

Remember that SEO is a complex and constantly evolving field, and what works today may not work tomorrow. It's important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices to ensure long-term success in SEO.