Ten Tips to Improve Your Facebook News Feed

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Personal Content Management vs Content Marketing
This blog focuses on Facebook content management compared to content marketing. As a content marketer, it is also helpful to know how content is being viewed and managed in news feeds. It's good to be mindful and conscious of not spamming users news feeds, and sharing non-business inspiring content as well as business related. So now we get personal ...

What Does Facebook Want? vs What Do You Want?
Facebook used to be easier. We would see everything we wanted from friends in our news feed. Have you noticed that things have changed? Now Facebook is a public company, and their bottom line is just as important (or more so) as what you want to see. So we are seeing more paid ads than ever before, and maybe less of our friends posts as a result. If you visit your friends pages you may see posts there that you did not see in your news feed, and wish that you had.

Are You in Control of Your News Feed?
We are bombarded with posts, ads, images, and videos, so most of us end up scanning and scrolling to see what's interesting. However, we have settings that can help to control our experience and not be completely at the whims of what Facebook thinks we want to see. If you want to improve your experience of Facebook, it may take a minute or so here and there, but may be well worth it to know about how to manage your page and news feed. Facebook "etiquette" might help also.

Here's Ten Tips to Improve Your Facebook Experience

1) The News Feed drop down menu on the "home" page is also your friend. By using it when it shows up in posts or on your page you can choose what you want with content. "Friend " the drop down menu. Change your news feed section from "Top Stories" to Most Recent (top left column)

You may need to do this each time you open up your page as Facebook may have reset it.
Edit preferences: Choose whose posts you don't want to miss. You'll always find them at the top of your News Feed. You can also discover pages that match your interests. If you like them, be prepared to get posts from them.

 2) Don't Miss It
Just in case you missed a friends post, Visit Your Friends Pages or View "New Posts".

3) Hide the Posts

If Facebook puts an ad in your news feed they will give you options to choose about the content. If someone shares the content of a commercial Facebook page you have some choices about the content.
Use the blue star at the top[ right of the post. The drop down menu will
allow you to hide the post, unfollow (not unfriend) the person who sent it, or hide all posts from the Facebook page. You can also choose to Like the page with the button below the drop down "blue star" menu.

4) Unfollow option
You can still like a page but do not have to follow it. Personal pages. Ad choices. Business pages that you have liked. If someone always posts negative political stuff and you don't want to see it in your news feed, unfollow them. Unfollow is not the same as unfriend. Unfollow means that you will not receive their posts in your news feed. But you still want to stay friends on Facebook. You can still go to their page and see their posts when you want to.You can also control who sees what you post. Check out your privacy options in settings for that.

5) Spamming a lot of posts is inviting people to unfollow you, as they may not want to see too many posts, however positive, from one person in their already-busy-news-feed.

6) Respect privacy - of other people's relationships, private life, kids, and tagging. Maybe ask the person first before you tag them. They may not want to be tagged. If someone passes away, wait until the family posts something. Don't rush in with condolences before a public notice has been given.

7) Facebook is not free. There is no cost to it, but you voluntarily open up your news feed to advertising. What your friends like opens up your page to the page that they like. Be careful with your own privacy and information. Facebook gathers every bit of information about you. You may not want to put your phone number in your "About" section as an example. See this article for more info on how Facebook uses your information >
 8)  Use the Facebook Help section  - self explanatory :)

9) Top Ten Tip ! If you read this far you have this YouTube tip. If you ever want to post videos that are larger than Facebook allows by default, use FBLinker.com - Facebook always uses a Thumbnail size video in your news feed because YouTube is owned by Google, a competitor, and they don't want to give them more space than they need to. As a result, it does not show well in your news feed and people will not see it as easily. FBLinker will create a larger sized video that is very cool. To see examples, scroll down on my personal Facebook page. You will see one on Mandy Harvey. Another one on May 27th shows (link) Michael Lucarelli, an amazing Flamingo guitar player in the desert playing Malaguena. (photo above)

10) Mindfulness - be mindful of what people are liking and what you are posting. You can always edit or delete a post if there is a typo or second thought about it.

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