Innovation - the Keyword for Growth and Change Now

"The invitation of the keyword “Innovation” is to recognize its deeper meaning, both in business and
in our personal life. Innovation is referred to in business startups, methods, or new products which are original, groundbreaking, and developed by creativity and inventiveness."
- David Brown, 333 Keywords to Change Your Life

Innovation is the keyword that will take our technology and business efficiency to new levels dramatically in the next few years and into the next decade. It is also the keyword for growth and change now. It is the innovation of companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon that have placed them as titans of the tech industry and have revolutionized the way we live. 

When Elon Musk and Steve Jobs had their vision and dreams of creating innovative companies, things started happening, and ideas sometimes took on a life of their own. Now look at Apple Computer and Tesla Premium Electric Cars. Apple just reached $800 billion in value and $250 billion of that is in cash. Tesla passed the stock value of GM in April 2017. Update May 20 2017 - "SoftBank, Saudi's to Launch $100 Billion Tech Fund ". This is what innovation looks like and there are thousands of more examples. Welcome to yesterday's future now.

Here's some ideas from Google on what keeps them on the edge for ongoing innovative ideas.

Focus on the User - solve a problem, or fill a need for the internet user. Customer-centered wins.

Open will win- open minds, sharing ideas, collaborating, breaking new ground.

Think big but start small - what works for small groups may work for 1 billion people.

Allow failure to happen. Frequently, fast, and so that it keeps things moving forward.

Use imagination - combined with data. Both together can create amazing research ideas and new ways of developing services, apps, products. Consider 3D printing as an example. It all started as an idea. 

Have a mission mixed with passion - an MTP would be helpful - a massive transformative purpose.
This is what drives entrepreneurs with their vision and mission, combined with a passion to create.
Think Tesla, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The platform for innovation is huge, and the basis for incredible growth and change now, especially in the next few years. We are in a period of dynamic change and innovation will take us to new levels of the way we live and view the world and it's possibilities.

Innovation in content marketing is also happening, in ways that engage people, attract their interest, likes, retweets, and sharing in social media. Innovation includes video, non-business related posts, inspiration, humor, and the blending of self-help ideas with unique business approaches in marketing.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit are the ten top social media sites. They all represent innovation in their function, purpose, types of engagement and sharing, and development of new features.

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Innovation is the keyword for growth and change now in business, social media, apps, and how we manage our personal lives. It offers us an invitation to use our creativity for our own innovative ideas whether for personal, business, or social media purposes. #innovation tweets

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