A Big "Yes" to Moz Top Ten

Moz is an industry leader in SEO, research, and includes the largest community of SEOs on the planet. They have free SEO tools as well as a wide range of professional tools for SEO consultants to optimize their clients performance on Google. 

Moz rocks it when it comes to analyzing the SEO industry and strategies for Google page ranking and other objectives for internet marketing.

Their recent email started with the "disclaimer" heading

"SEO in 2017 is not for the faint of heart. In addition to weathering Google's unpredictable storms, brands must get in front of picky prospects with lots of options and convince them their products are worth those people's time."

I am glad that the first of the top ten was YouTube videos as I have a focus on this for 2017. I had published a short blog on YouTube on January 6th to kick off the year YouTube and Video for 2017.

Moz analyzed 1.3 million videos! That is impressive. They found that the comments on a YouTube video seem to carry a lot of weight in that more comments equaled to better page ranking. The number of video views also has a strong relationship to rankings. Also important is that the number of shares of the YouTube video has a strong correlation with the ranking of the video. This is a strong trend that we have seen in prior years that Google is giving social engagement more weight than if the YouTube video or channel has all the right keywords in titles and content, although that still has a minor factor. Be careful with fake comments or spam comments. Users need to be logged in and if Google senses spam they may drop the rankings or do something else. In Google Plus they will suspend a page if it violates their policies of being too spammy with keywords and links only to the users site. 

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