Keywords for the Personal Growth Industry

Google Trends has shown that searches for personal growth related keywords have been trending up in the self-help industry and on Amazon there is an increasing number of books related to various self-help themes and categories.

Subcategories include self-help, happiness self-help, motivational self-help, success self-help, spiritual self-help, personal transformation, and on and on. Notice that the self-help keyword phrase has a hyphen in it.

If you search on amazon for the keyword or keyword phrase, then in the left column the subcategories will show up. This is a fertile area for keyword research. The partial list above was taken from this method. This also applies to using #keywords as hashtags on Twitter and Facebook for research and integration into the marketing strategy.

Whether your content is a website, a blog, or a book description, content marketing for the personal growth industry has its own unique set of keywords that can help with Google page rankings and capture some of the target audience searching and seeking for ideas and knowledge.

A book that was just published on Amazon Kindle is titled 333 Keywords to Change Your Life. If you click through to view it you may notice that I just happen to be the author. With a background in keyword research and content marketing, as well as a strong interest in the personal growth, self-help industry over the years, this book was both a research project and an exercise in exploring the deeper meanings of words that have relevance for this industry.

There is a free download promotion starting Monday Feb 6th through Friday Feb 10th, so you can save the $3.33 price on Kindle. For those who don't know and I have had this question, you don't need to buy a Kindle device to read Kindle books. There is a free app for PC and all devices.

This book could also be a resource for exploring self-help keywords and related content if you have a project requiring the use of such in a marketing campaign.