YouTube and Video for 2017

I think we are all still recovering for 2016, while trying to get ready for this New Year....we are only six days into it. Some questions for you to consider as we move forward into 2017...

What was the most positive experience that you had in 2016?
with your own life? with your customers or clients experiences?

What things in your life or business would you want to improve on from 2016 into 2017?

When it comes to marketing, what methods or ideas worked the best or seemed to have the best engagement from customers online or offline?

Are you interested in exploring new ideas for marketing in 2017?

Here's one: 
Setup a  YouTube Channel with Your Own Video Content - post on Facebook and Website

YouTube - not used as much as it should be, and has a lot of leverage for
> customer engagement and response
> Google page rankings
> credibility and professional image branding

Videos can be used in several ways......
> live streaming of events - the banner above right is for a funeral home's streaming of services
> customer testimonial (smiles and rave review of course)
> company branding, mission, benefits
> exploration of needs - product or service solution (questions, sharp photos, music)
> Facebook - videos on Facebook have been proven to have a much stronger level of engagement, especially when they involve people....
> humor/ entertainment - have a song played by a musician/singer about your business...a cute jingle or rhyme.....laughter at the end with a team or group shot.....
>local events/ human interest story....interview a local hero or person who has accomplished something for the community....

Professional videographers have the latest editing software to produce engaging and stunning videos in HD that will help your business in more ways than one.

Take a visit to YouTube and explore how other businesses in your industry are using videos.

Make some informed decisions about video for your business in 2017.