Using Rhymes for Business Facebook Posts

Fast changes are a sign of the times
With likes and shares beginning to climb
What seems to work and turn on a dime?
Getting their attention with Facebook rhymes
- David Lawrence Brown

A Unique Content Marketing Niche

As mentioned in a past blog, Content Marketing Celtic Style, I have been using poems and rhymes combined with selected photos for Facebook posts for some business clients for years now. The results have been good, and this is a content marketing niche that I have in my toolbox of strategies.

It is a challenging task to compete with the all of the posts that appear on a typical Facebook news feed. The key to having a post be seen and engaging is primarily using a stunning or eye-catching image, then combining it with text that engages and delivers a message that is liked by the reader.

The use of rhymes has this effect.

Why Poems and Rhymes?

Without promoting a link to a blog or third party article, the words are more like a tweet, and are short enough to convey a message, get likes and comments, and increase a brand awareness that the business is providing interesting and original content.

Since most businesses do not provide original rhymes, it helps the business to stand apart from the crowd when they do. This is a good thing. Competition for Facebook fans can be tough. Rhymes are one form of engaging content that is unique and distinctive.

Like anything, a carefully worded poem needs to be sound enough and not be to corny, unless the goal is to have a humorous effect and it is obvious to the reader. Poems can be related to the business, or the season, or a bit of wisdom, or anything that would be engaging and liked by the reader.

Pitching for More Likes 

The careful use of an image can also be used in the poem as a starting point. An example is the image above that was used in a post during the world series when more people had baseball on their minds even if they were not fans. As an added touch, the logo of the business was Photo-shopped onto the baseball hat, that did not have a logo. The effect of a baseball pitcher looking at you and ready to pitch, eyes hidden by the cap, was engaging enough to get the attention within the news feed and evoke a response. The poem that was written in the post was intended to connect the sharing and liking of the fan page with the strikes and homes runs that are part of the game.

In baseball a pitcher loves to get strikes
For our Facebook page our next goal is 500 likes
If you want to help us get that home run
Share this with your friends and let's have some fun!

The post was promoted, one of the advertising options in which you can have it show up in the news feed of a targeted audience (city, age, gender), or to friends of existing fans. The results of a small $20.00 campaign budget for this post are shown below. 

While there are many other poems that I have written that have had similar of better results, here's a sample to give you an idea of the many variations and topics that be covered.

Chinese Restaurant
Today is Tuesday so what do we do?
We cook and serve a good lunch for two!
Lots of choices and good things to chew
So we say in Chinese 身体健康 Good health to you!

Butcher Shoppe
Our Thanksgiving Order Form will amaze
Includes Turkey, Duck, and Hams with a glaze
Just three clicks and you are good to go
Check it out if you want to know

Funeral Home
Thanksgiving is near, only two weeks away
We wish you a Happy one, in every way
Yes, there are memories, of loved ones not here
Yet we can still celebrate their life in gratitude, every year

Using rhymes in business Facebook posts, combined with an strong photo to stand out in a busy timeline, is a content marketing niche that can be very engaging and unique for the target audience. They can be used for both business and non-business posts such as holiday related themes. 

Authored by

David Brown

David Brown is an award winning internet marketing consultant and Certified Content Marketer. As owner of Logion Web Design, he has been in the SEO, web design, and content marketing industry since 1999. He is the sole author and publisher of this blog, Likes, Tweets and SEO. He offers consulting, SEO, internet, content, and social media marketing and is accepting qualified accounts for monthly services. His dog's name is Shaman.

The Future of Content Marketing

Will Human Creatives Survive?

Automated researched headlines, titles, content, response and engagement research from millions of stats would lead us to think that the future of content marketing is almost fully automated, that robots will be more creative than humans who created them, and that those who are called "creatives" may not survive.

Humans Rock
While some of this may be true, I believe that the creative ideas and intuition and humor of human consciousness will never be replaced by robots. Human interest stories will keep social media running for many years. Those stories about humans that keep us engaged, smiling, crying, or inspired. It reminds me of that scene with Robin Williams (Sean) and Matt Damon (Will) in the movie Good Will Hunting when Sean confronts Will about learning about relationships and love from books only and uses the example of his wife waking herself up from a fart she just released when she was sleeping. Robots will most likely not be programmed to do the unique and funny things like that. Or will they?  

The New Content Marketing May No Longer Be Called Content Marketing
Creative content marketing will mold with how the content is being received. New types of social media will emerge. Mobile devices will be replacing outdated desktop computers. Voice activated searches, and corporate paid advertising will be dominating organic search results. YouTube is fast becoming the go to channel for media content, news, entertainment, social sharing, and information content presented by video.With augmented reality coming soon, we may all be actors in a matrix-like video game of life. Experiences may become the dominant marketing tool, where something is virtually experienced instead of being read about or watched on YouTube. 

Consumer Behavior Survey
In a Consumer Behavior Survey done by Hubspot in 2016, there was a dramatic increase in how content is being searched for and viewed. In the chart below "Where Do You Go...?" search engines showed an increase from 22% to 79% from two years ago. Facebook feeds were up 57% during the same period. Mobile and Twitter were up 34% and 25% respectively. Videos featured prominently in Facebook, Twitter and Linked IN engagement. The chart below "How Much Time Do You Spend Watching YouTube?" shows a dramatic increase in YouTube viewed hours, even in the over age 55 group.  (full survey article on HubSpot  - ).  YouTube statistics show dramatic increases in usage, view time, and YouTube is the third largest search engine after Google and Facebook. See "36 Fascinating YouTube Statistics for 2016" by Kit Smith

If we extrapolate on these trends, it is not far off to see how the content will change to match expectations of experience through the senses, and social media may be taken to new levels not imagined now, even in our lifetime.

. However, the human brain has so many millions of nerve firings and unique  design, that it seems impossible to duplicate all of that digitally. How we deliver and experience content may change, yet the human factor will be alive and well for hundreds, if not thousands of years. 

Reviews and Testimonials Key to New Business

Recent research has shown that Google is giving more weight to reviews that are placed directly online. Reviews on search results pages (SERPS) seen by potential customers are a key factor in their "Zero moment of truth" (ZMOT), when deciding to click through and buy from a business with positive reviews. Google did research and found that 88% of consumers research before they buy in the "zero moment of truth" (ZMOT). Reviews are an important part of their decision to buy.

Small business owners can encourage their "rave review" customers to place their reviews online on Google Plus, which in my opinion has the best "search results juice" since anything Google has built is connected to the entire Google platform.

Yelp is a second choice, as consumers by now know much more about Yelp than they did in past years.

Other online locations in which reviews can be placed include Angie's List, Better Business Bureau, and Manta. An article by Business News Daily has more ideas:

As a content marketer, reviews are not normally an area of focus. Now that they are becoming more prominent in consumer decisions, adding a review to content may be appropriate for visibility. Also, encouraging existing customers who are willing to offer a review on their own or send one in writing, can be encouraged to add their review to the Google Plus listing of the business. A link can be sent by email with a nice thank you note.

Even though reviews and testimonials that are printed on a website do not carry any weight when it comes to Google page ranking, web site visitors will appreciate seeing positive reviews as they make choices in the steps in their buying decision process. Online reviews help web visitors to click on the site link. Reviews quoted on web pages may help keep them engaged.

A business owner should use reviews as a communication tool not only with the person that placed the review but so that anyone who see the review will see how the business responded. Whether it is a "Thank you for the nice review" or "We are sorry for your experience. Here's what we will do..." the business owner is engaged in responding promptly to each review that is placed on Facebook, Yelp, or Google Plus.

Read why bad online reviews can be an opportunity to gain new business :
Why Bad Online Customer Reviews Could Be Good for Your Business

Social media has opened up a whole new area of content marketing and reviews will come out of the experience of content as well as products and services. The positive response to content can also translate to positive views and reviews of the business.

At least for now and most likely into the near future, reviews and testimonials are a key to new business. 

Ten Tips to Improve Your Facebook News Feed

Michael Lucarelli - Malaguena - David Perry Films

Personal Content Management vs Content Marketing
This blog focuses on Facebook content management compared to content marketing. As a content marketer, it is also helpful to know how content is being viewed and managed in news feeds. It's good to be mindful and conscious of not spamming users news feeds, and sharing non-business inspiring content as well as business related. So now we get personal ...

What Does Facebook Want? vs What Do You Want?
Facebook used to be easier. We would see everything we wanted from friends in our news feed. Have you noticed that things have changed? Now Facebook is a public company, and their bottom line is just as important (or more so) as what you want to see. So we are seeing more paid ads than ever before, and maybe less of our friends posts as a result. If you visit your friends pages you may see posts there that you did not see in your news feed, and wish that you had.

Are You in Control of Your News Feed?
We are bombarded with posts, ads, images, and videos, so most of us end up scanning and scrolling to see what's interesting. However, we have settings that can help to control our experience and not be completely at the whims of what Facebook thinks we want to see. If you want to improve your experience of Facebook, it may take a minute or so here and there, but may be well worth it to know about how to manage your page and news feed. Facebook "etiquette" might help also.

Here's Ten Tips to Improve Your Facebook Experience

1) The News Feed drop down menu on the "home" page is also your friend. By using it when it shows up in posts or on your page you can choose what you want with content. "Friend " the drop down menu. Change your news feed section from "Top Stories" to Most Recent (top left column)

You may need to do this each time you open up your page as Facebook may have reset it.
Edit preferences: Choose whose posts you don't want to miss. You'll always find them at the top of your News Feed. You can also discover pages that match your interests. If you like them, be prepared to get posts from them.

 2) Don't Miss It
Just in case you missed a friends post, Visit Your Friends Pages or View "New Posts".

3) Hide the Posts

If Facebook puts an ad in your news feed they will give you options to choose about the content. If someone shares the content of a commercial Facebook page you have some choices about the content.
Use the blue star at the top[ right of the post. The drop down menu will
allow you to hide the post, unfollow (not unfriend) the person who sent it, or hide all posts from the Facebook page. You can also choose to Like the page with the button below the drop down "blue star" menu.

4) Unfollow option
You can still like a page but do not have to follow it. Personal pages. Ad choices. Business pages that you have liked. If someone always posts negative political stuff and you don't want to see it in your news feed, unfollow them. Unfollow is not the same as unfriend. Unfollow means that you will not receive their posts in your news feed. But you still want to stay friends on Facebook. You can still go to their page and see their posts when you want to.You can also control who sees what you post. Check out your privacy options in settings for that.

5) Spamming a lot of posts is inviting people to unfollow you, as they may not want to see too many posts, however positive, from one person in their already-busy-news-feed.

6) Respect privacy - of other people's relationships, private life, kids, and tagging. Maybe ask the person first before you tag them. They may not want to be tagged. If someone passes away, wait until the family posts something. Don't rush in with condolences before a public notice has been given.

7) Facebook is not free. There is no cost to it, but you voluntarily open up your news feed to advertising. What your friends like opens up your page to the page that they like. Be careful with your own privacy and information. Facebook gathers every bit of information about you. You may not want to put your phone number in your "About" section as an example. See this article for more info on how Facebook uses your information >
 8)  Use the Facebook Help section  - self explanatory :)

9) Top Ten Tip ! If you read this far you have this YouTube tip. If you ever want to post videos that are larger than Facebook allows by default, use - Facebook always uses a Thumbnail size video in your news feed because YouTube is owned by Google, a competitor, and they don't want to give them more space than they need to. As a result, it does not show well in your news feed and people will not see it as easily. FBLinker will create a larger sized video that is very cool. To see examples, scroll down on my personal Facebook page. You will see one on Mandy Harvey. Another one on May 27th shows (link) Michael Lucarelli, an amazing Flamingo guitar player in the desert playing Malaguena. (photo above)

10) Mindfulness - be mindful of what people are liking and what you are posting. You can always edit or delete a post if there is a typo or second thought about it.

David Lawrence Brown
Inspired writer, creative content marketer, webmaster & author - 333 Keywords to Change Your Life
Business Owner at Logion Web Design

Innovation - the Keyword for Growth and Change Now

"The invitation of the keyword “Innovation” is to recognize its deeper meaning, both in business and
in our personal life. Innovation is referred to in business startups, methods, or new products which are original, groundbreaking, and developed by creativity and inventiveness."
- David Brown, 333 Keywords to Change Your Life

Innovation is the keyword that will take our technology and business efficiency to new levels dramatically in the next few years and into the next decade. It is also the keyword for growth and change now. It is the innovation of companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon that have placed them as titans of the tech industry and have revolutionized the way we live. 

When Elon Musk and Steve Jobs had their vision and dreams of creating innovative companies, things started happening, and ideas sometimes took on a life of their own. Now look at Apple Computer and Tesla Premium Electric Cars. Apple just reached $800 billion in value and $250 billion of that is in cash. Tesla passed the stock value of GM in April 2017. Update May 20 2017 - "SoftBank, Saudi's to Launch $100 Billion Tech Fund ". This is what innovation looks like and there are thousands of more examples. Welcome to yesterday's future now.

Here's some ideas from Google on what keeps them on the edge for ongoing innovative ideas.

Focus on the User - solve a problem, or fill a need for the internet user. Customer-centered wins.

Open will win- open minds, sharing ideas, collaborating, breaking new ground.

Think big but start small - what works for small groups may work for 1 billion people.

Allow failure to happen. Frequently, fast, and so that it keeps things moving forward.

Use imagination - combined with data. Both together can create amazing research ideas and new ways of developing services, apps, products. Consider 3D printing as an example. It all started as an idea. 

Have a mission mixed with passion - an MTP would be helpful - a massive transformative purpose.
This is what drives entrepreneurs with their vision and mission, combined with a passion to create.
Think Tesla, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The platform for innovation is huge, and the basis for incredible growth and change now, especially in the next few years. We are in a period of dynamic change and innovation will take us to new levels of the way we live and view the world and it's possibilities.

Innovation in content marketing is also happening, in ways that engage people, attract their interest, likes, retweets, and sharing in social media. Innovation includes video, non-business related posts, inspiration, humor, and the blending of self-help ideas with unique business approaches in marketing.

Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Google Plus, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit are the ten top social media sites. They all represent innovation in their function, purpose, types of engagement and sharing, and development of new features.

Buzzsumo is an excellent app to find and use the most shared content, as well as the top influencers. By sharing the top listings of the Buzzsumo search results for your topic, you can add engagement value to you client's posts on social media.

For example, on a topic search of social media, this one, highlighted in yellow, had over 1 million Facebook shares. Anyone who wants to add value to any Facebook news feed, or especially if they represent a funeral home will love this one:

Please Read This Before You Post another RIP on Social Media

Innovation is the keyword for growth and change now in business, social media, apps, and how we manage our personal lives. It offers us an invitation to use our creativity for our own innovative ideas whether for personal, business, or social media purposes. #innovation tweets

The Legend of the Marketing Muse

"For those who believe and know it is so

a marketing muse exists so that we may know

of ideas and creative words that will flow

like a waterfall in a forest where flowers grow.

She comes and goes as she pleases

Her inspiration may come as subtle teases

Her ancestors were muses for thousands of years

Revealing words and ideas to artists and seers."

- David Lawrence Brown 


The War of Art and Resistance

In Steven Pressfield's excellent book, The War of Art, he identifies a force that he calls "resistance" that causes writer's block, procrastination, self-sabotage, self-deception, fears, and anything that holds back our creativity. If we want to be living our highest and best purpose in life, we need to know about and overcome resistance. 

 Invoking the Muse

It's within Book Three, in The War of Art, that Pressfield discusses invoking the Muse, and working with that hidden power or force that has inspired men and women to create art for thousands of years. We can overcome resistance. A muse is on the other side. Inspiration is a blessing and a gift.

The Legend of the Marketing Muse

 There are many legends of muses, as we can imagine that over thousands of years in human creative history, muses have been involved in various ways. 

Years ago a young man went into a forest in an isolated remote area surrounded by mountains and waterfalls. He was searching for a new purpose in life and for whatever new insights and ideas he would have on this self-imposed retreat into the realms of the Spirit. 

He was fasting and praying and singing sacred chants and songs for days, and nothing came to him in the form of new ideas, inspiration, or insights into his higher purpose, and his life. 

 On the tenth day he was walking down a path to a waterfall that he had discovered a few days before. There was something about the area around the waterfall, with flowers, trees, and rock formations that seemed mystical, magical, and had a subtle yet profound energy. 

 It was early morning, and all of nature seemed to be waking up to the day, with the birds singing, and sunlight streaming through the trees, lighting the path that he was walking on. The air was fresher than it seemed the other day, and he felt a wave of energy through his body and mind that opened up his heart. 

 Within moments he felt love surrounding him, a love that was beyond description, but if words could describe it, then bliss, joy, opening, power, and grace. 

He sat down on a grassy knoll by the waterfall and closed his eyes, as the feelings of love intensified, and he let go of any thoughts or fears about this experience, allowing it to happen, and not resisting it.

Then, with his eyes closed in meditation, he had an epiphany, that a muse has been with him all along, and that when he was ready and had overcome resistance, the Muse would reveal ideas, thoughts, and insights for his creative work. It was so subtle that he did not even hear words or a message; it was just a hidden knowledge that he received. 

When he came out of the meditation, he had no idea of what time it was. He checked his watch and it had been three hours since he started the meditation. It was late afternoon. There was a silence in the surrounding trees and forest. He decided to celebrate the new gift that he had received by standing under the waterfall. It was about 20 feet high, so it felt like a large, powerful shower of water and blessings pouring into his life. 

He kept his relationship with his Muse a secret until he felt like writing about it. Then it became his legend, as he knew that other legends would be born on his new creative journey of dancing with the Muse, listening, and realizing that with every breath, he is connected to creation on all levels, seen and unseen. 


Our Divine Purpose 

"We are servants of the Mystery. We were put here on earth to act as agents of the Infinite, to bring into existence that which is not yet, but which will be, through us. Every breath we take, every heartbeat, every evolution of every cell comes from God and is sustained by God every second, just as every creation, invention, every bar of music or line of verse, every thought, vision, fantasy, every dumb-ass flop and stroke of genius comes from that infinite intelligence that created us and the universe in all its dimensions, out of the Void, the field of infinite potential, primal chaos, the Muse. To acknowledge that reality, to efface all ego, to let the work come through us and give it back freely to its source, that, in my opinion, is as true to reality as it gets."

- Pressfield, Steven (2011-11-11). The War of Art (p. 162). Black Irish Entertainment LLC. Kindle Edition.

The Magical, Mystical, Marketing Mantra Revisited

It's a mystery.
It's an ongoing journey into creating engaging social media response.
It's a mantra that works for 2017. 

What's there to Share? People becoming self-aware?
Feeling good and laughing? Maybe going viral everywhere.
Where's the magic and mystical marketing mantra
that will cause viewers to engage and care?
- David Brown

In case you haven't noticed, there is a lot of intensity going on in the world now. Volatility, fear, overload of information, maybe just a few opinions about politics, and frustration with life. At the same time there is an increase of positive, inspirational blogs, posts, images, and attitudes that seem to be a good balance to the other challenging items. Where does marketing come into play here? What is the "magical, mystical, marketing mantra" that might just fit into the ongoing challenge of social media engagement?

When I first posted The Magical, Mystical, Marketing Mantra on September 3 2013, I wrote that the "magical, mystical, marketing mantra":

is a compelling story of overcoming challenges that everyone can relate to.  It inspires, may even motivate, and change lives. It may bring tears, joy, cause reflection, and evoke a new perspective on personal goals."

The "compelling theme" of a person overcoming challenges is still always a good one to use. It fits into the category of the "mantra" that I suggest for 2017. However if we could choose just one keyword that might be relevant, powerful, and create strong social media engagement today, in my opinion it would be "inspiration". 

Depending on the type of business the use of inspiration in the content marketing can have positive results in social media engagement for the following reasons. 

 People need to be inspired today more than ever before. There is so much negative news which feeds on fear. Inspiration is an antidote for fear. People rarely see inspiration in the mainstream news, if they are still watching the news at all.

What are the three main types of inspiration that works in social media for maximum engagement including likes, retweets, shares, and comments?

1) Personal interest stories with a strong visual. The "compelling theme" of a person overcoming challenges

2) Stunning nature visual with embedded inspirational quote. Both the visual and the quote have a doubling effect on the viewer. The strong visual is always important to get the attention in a busy news feed. The inspirational quotes are usually liked by everyone. 

3) Inspirational videos. In my last blog  A Big Yes to the Moz Top Ten , videos were considered the number one SEO (search engine optimization) tool for social media engagement. By using inspirational videos relating to the specific industry of a business, or for general inspiration, the social engagement helps to generate shares which in turn helps to increase more page fans and likes. 

"The invitation of the keyword “Inspiration” is to ask how we can be uplifted, encouraged, motivated, and moved deeply in ways that allow us to be invigorated or energized to love our life and live with more passion, awareness, confidence, creativity and happiness." -  333 Keywords to Change Your Life,  David Lawrence Brown. 

When used in content marketing, "inspiration" is the "magical, mystical, marketing mantra" for 2017.
Enjoy an inspirational video with Yo Yo Ma.



David Brown is an award winning internet marketing consultant and Certified Content Marketer. As owner of Logion Web Design, he has been in the SEO, web design, and content marketing industry since 1999. He is the sole author and publisher of this blog, Likes, Tweets and SEO. He offers consulting, internet and content marketing, as well as social media marketing. His dog's name is Shaman (passed on in Oct 2016 - read my blog "My Dog Spoke to Me - After He Had Passed). 

A Big "Yes" to Moz Top Ten

Moz is an industry leader in SEO, research, and includes the largest community of SEOs on the planet. They have free SEO tools as well as a wide range of professional tools for SEO consultants to optimize their clients performance on Google. 

Moz rocks it when it comes to analyzing the SEO industry and strategies for Google page ranking and other objectives for internet marketing.

Their recent email started with the "disclaimer" heading

"SEO in 2017 is not for the faint of heart. In addition to weathering Google's unpredictable storms, brands must get in front of picky prospects with lots of options and convince them their products are worth those people's time."

I am glad that the first of the top ten was YouTube videos as I have a focus on this for 2017. I had published a short blog on YouTube on January 6th to kick off the year YouTube and Video for 2017.

Moz analyzed 1.3 million videos! That is impressive. They found that the comments on a YouTube video seem to carry a lot of weight in that more comments equaled to better page ranking. The number of video views also has a strong relationship to rankings. Also important is that the number of shares of the YouTube video has a strong correlation with the ranking of the video. This is a strong trend that we have seen in prior years that Google is giving social engagement more weight than if the YouTube video or channel has all the right keywords in titles and content, although that still has a minor factor. Be careful with fake comments or spam comments. Users need to be logged in and if Google senses spam they may drop the rankings or do something else. In Google Plus they will suspend a page if it violates their policies of being too spammy with keywords and links only to the users site. 

Here's a link to the full YouTube study -

To subscribe to the Moz Top Ten use this link :

Keywords for the Personal Growth Industry

Google Trends has shown that searches for personal growth related keywords have been trending up in the self-help industry and on Amazon there is an increasing number of books related to various self-help themes and categories.

Subcategories include self-help, happiness self-help, motivational self-help, success self-help, spiritual self-help, personal transformation, and on and on. Notice that the self-help keyword phrase has a hyphen in it.

If you search on amazon for the keyword or keyword phrase, then in the left column the subcategories will show up. This is a fertile area for keyword research. The partial list above was taken from this method. This also applies to using #keywords as hashtags on Twitter and Facebook for research and integration into the marketing strategy.

Whether your content is a website, a blog, or a book description, content marketing for the personal growth industry has its own unique set of keywords that can help with Google page rankings and capture some of the target audience searching and seeking for ideas and knowledge.

A book that was just published on Amazon Kindle is titled 333 Keywords to Change Your Life. If you click through to view it you may notice that I just happen to be the author. With a background in keyword research and content marketing, as well as a strong interest in the personal growth, self-help industry over the years, this book was both a research project and an exercise in exploring the deeper meanings of words that have relevance for this industry.

There is a free download promotion starting Monday Feb 6th through Friday Feb 10th, so you can save the $3.33 price on Kindle. For those who don't know and I have had this question, you don't need to buy a Kindle device to read Kindle books. There is a free app for PC and all devices.

This book could also be a resource for exploring self-help keywords and related content if you have a project requiring the use of such in a marketing campaign.

YouTube and Video for 2017

I think we are all still recovering for 2016, while trying to get ready for this New Year....we are only six days into it. Some questions for you to consider as we move forward into 2017...

What was the most positive experience that you had in 2016?
with your own life? with your customers or clients experiences?

What things in your life or business would you want to improve on from 2016 into 2017?

When it comes to marketing, what methods or ideas worked the best or seemed to have the best engagement from customers online or offline?

Are you interested in exploring new ideas for marketing in 2017?

Here's one: 
Setup a  YouTube Channel with Your Own Video Content - post on Facebook and Website

YouTube - not used as much as it should be, and has a lot of leverage for
> customer engagement and response
> Google page rankings
> credibility and professional image branding

Videos can be used in several ways......
> live streaming of events - the banner above right is for a funeral home's streaming of services
> customer testimonial (smiles and rave review of course)
> company branding, mission, benefits
> exploration of needs - product or service solution (questions, sharp photos, music)
> Facebook - videos on Facebook have been proven to have a much stronger level of engagement, especially when they involve people....
> humor/ entertainment - have a song played by a musician/singer about your business...a cute jingle or rhyme.....laughter at the end with a team or group shot.....
>local events/ human interest story....interview a local hero or person who has accomplished something for the community....

Professional videographers have the latest editing software to produce engaging and stunning videos in HD that will help your business in more ways than one.

Take a visit to YouTube and explore how other businesses in your industry are using videos.

Make some informed decisions about video for your business in 2017.