"Wisdom Photos" Offer Strong Engagement

Let's face it. Reality check.

Most content added to Facebook that relates to a business product or service is usually ignored.

What engages Facebook users the most are photos of (smiling) people, and stunning photography of nature. When a famous quote is added to the nature photo, it becomes a "wisdom photo".

People like to be inspired, and they like stunning photos of nature. "Wisdom photos" can offer the following to the content mix of a business owner on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and other social media:

1) Increase the viewer engagement and as a result, the page may be liked if it has not already been.

2) The chances of the the content being shared increases dramatically.

3) The business receives a silent applause and more credibility that their post is not "all about them".

4) It helps to offset the posts that only focus on products or services, and may help to increase the views of those as a result of using the mixed content approach.

The "wisdom photo" above was created with a stock photo and a search for a quote which was added into the photo with Photoshop. It had a very strong engagement metric and a lot of shares.

In addition to the photo, the Facebook or social media post can also provide a short message relevant to the photo. Even something simple such as "We hope that you enjoy one of our inspirational photos that we created. Have a great weekend ! "

Finally, "wisdom photos" are a fun activity for a content marketer to select the right photo and quote, and receive positive feedback from the business owner for adding them into the content mix.

Let's end this quick blog with a "wisdom photo" of Multnomah Falls in Oregon and a quote from John Muir.