The Magical Mystical Marketing Mantra

updated 2/7/18

It's an ongoing a journey into engaging social media response

What's there to Share? People becoming self-aware?
Feeling good and laughing? Maybe going viral everywhere.
Where's the magic and mystical marketing mantra
that will cause viewers to engage and care?
- David Brown

It used to be always a mystery and a wild guess as to what will engage and cause viewers or readers to respond the most to an ad, YouTube video, promoted post on Facebook, or web page. Now we have insights and metrics which shows what people responded to and shared. However there is a theme that seems to be effective in many cases. When it is effective it can be magical and mystical in the way that it works.

One research project by BUZZSUMO showed which titles received the most engagement on Facebook. The phrases "This will make you" and "This is why" were at the top of the list.

When we look at one of the award winning ads for 2014 from Adweek, a compelling theme strikes back at the doubt and skepticism that challenges personal ambition, vision, and accomplishment.

There's a real story of triumph, when a top rated dancer overcame criticism as a child being told she would never be a dancer, that she has the wrong body for a dancer, and that at age 13 she was too old to be considered for learning ballet.

Misty Copeland is shown in the video/ad, having mastered the art of ballet, and demonstrating an amazing victory over anything and anyone who got in the way of her ambition, vision, and creation of her dream. 

This compelling theme will cause viewers to care, engage them with hope, and inspire those who are willing to take their life to the next level. Especially those who have been told that they are not good enough, or may never be able to do this or that. This video/ad smashed that "not good enough" concept and nailed that compelling theme. 

The magical mystical marketing mantra, or at least one of them, is a compelling story of overcoming challenges that everyone can relate to.  It inspires, may even motivate, and change lives. It may bring tears, joy, cause reflection, and evoke a new perspective on personal goals.

Of course there are other "magical mystical marketing mantras", and they may vary between types of industries. However there is one common thread which makes them magical and mystical. They evoke an emotional response, are worded in a way that engages the reader, and are usually associated with an image which can also have its own magic to engage and evoke feelings, memories, and inspiration.

David Brown is an award winning internet marketing consultant and Certified Content Marketer. As owner of Logion Web Design, he has been in the SEO, web design, and content marketing industry since 1999. He is the sole author and publisher of this blog, Likes, Tweets and SEO. He offers consulting, SEO, internet, content, and social media marketing. His dog's name is Shaman.