Inspiration and Innovation - on Steroids

by David Brown  -

The Apple Watch Innovation
On the edge of business innovation is the perfect storm of creativity and technology, connecting with people, carrying a vision, and maintaining a focus.

Steve Jobs was a prime example. If you have not read the biography by Walter Isaacson, it clearly shows in real life how this concept works. Apple continues to innovate, and is a leader in innovation, with the newest offering of the Apple watch disrupting the mobile device market, and setting new standards.

From tablets to cell phones and now watches, the technology device gets smaller, and the functions get much more powerful. The major areas of daily life are connected in a way that allows the user to "hack" into every area of life to improve, monitor, reach goals, and manage all the various tasks of work, play, sleep, creativity, meditation, workouts and all activity.

When a disruptive technology first hits the market, it generates criticism as well as praise. Many times the critics become fans later, after the technology becomes "proven" by market acceptance and as a potential profit source.

When you visit the Apple website pages of the Apple Watch, it is a total immersion experience, designed intentionally to convey not only what the watch can do, but how it can change your life, for the better. Fast forward five years and in retrospect we will see how Apple set a new standard in innovation through inspiration.

As consumers of technology, we choose which apps on our cell phones and tablets help us manage parts of our life. The Apple Watch seems to have many of the best choices already built in, with plenty of flexibility for customization and personal preference.

Health and Fitness - Living a Better Day

With the concept of bio-hacking becoming better known, where minimal amounts of time and maximum results  may be the goal in some situations, the Apple Watch web page already has this concept built in as standard.

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