Denver Webmaster - SEO Campaign Results

by David Brown
Certified Content Marketer

In a recent SEO experiment with a new domain name and some SEO methods that I have found effective, I have seen a new website created 4-10-15 move up to be within the top three positions on Google for a search for Denver Webmaster.
This happened within two weeks.
The top of Google can be reached with the right combination of SEO and Content Marketing

Domain name registered April 10 2015

The Webmaster Niche
This keyword phrase is a niche in that it does not have as many searches  as web design, SEO, or Internet marketing. However, unlike certain terms that describe various aspects of Internet marketing such as SEO (search engine optimization) , inbound marketing, or content marketing,  the keyword term webmaster has been around for quite a while, and according the the Google keyword tool, it has 27,000 average monthly searches.

While Adwords keyword planner only shows an average of 10 searches for "Denver webmaster", it shows 1000 for Denver web design. Obviously the competition is strong for that keyword phrase.

Every webmaster is different in their approach. They may be a specialist, only in one programming language. They may manage one website for one large company. They may not do programming at all but be well versed in Internet marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and website design. 

I happen to fall into the second category, and also have copy writing services that I offer as a part of a webmaster package.

Integrated Solution Provider vs  Individual Product Seller
Most small business owners are too busy to take the time needed to fully evaluate a particular Internet services offering, usually promoted by a sales team that makes their program sound almost too good to be true. I have seen many business owners get caught up in the hype and think that they are getting something really cool. I know because I have also been there.

The concept of webmaster services that I offer is to be a filter and due diligence researcher for all Internet marketing offers that a small business owner is looking at and also to provide my own services that use an integrated, muti-faceted, Internet marketing approach to SEO, content marketing, and website development.

This industry is getting saturated with so many different products and services that it is not surprising why so many small business owners are confused or end up having products or services that do not really provide a solution to their overall needs.

Creative webmasters are needed that know of the best internet marketing programs and solutions out there, sort out the good from the bad, perform due diligence for their clients, and actually show organic and Google map results at the top of Google for certain keywords and keyword phrases without relying on Adwords.

This post is only a limited discussion of one SEO campaign and an approach to internet marketing. It is not in-depth or a comprehensive analysis. It is intended for a small business owner audience.

Authored by

David Brown

David Brown is an award winning internet marketing consultant and Certified Content Marketer. As owner of Logion Web Design, he has been in the SEO, web design, and content marketing industry since 1999. He is the sole author and publisher of this blog, Likes, Tweets and SEO. He offers consulting, SEO, internet, content, and social media marketing and is accepting qualified accounts for monthly services. His dog's name is Shaman.

Google Mobile Friendly Update Not so Friendly #MobileMadness

by David Brown

Google Did What? Why ? When ?
Google changed their search result parameters (algorithm) yesterday - April 21st -to increased the results for websites that also are mobile friendly, or that have mobile sites.I don't know why they didn't select April 1st and make it the same day as April Fools.

Ranking preference based on responsive design, that is not used by a majority of businesses yet? Some of whom have spent time and resources on SEO - search engine optimization.

Even with some notice, mobile sites are now the new norm for SERPs (search engine results page). The big why is that mobile devices are overtaking PC desktops as the preferred means of internet search.

Here are links to important and authoritative articles and blogs on this topic.

Google Webmaster "Official" Blog
You do not have to be a webmaster to appreciate Google's descriptions of changes being made such as today's post "Rolling Out the Mobile Friendly Update". Of course other posts may be a bit technical, but this one is user friendly. Other recent posts include FAQ's About the April 21st Mobile Friendly Update. 

What Does MOZ Say?
MOZ - The best SEO analyst on the web, has some things to say about Google's mobile update. In their "MOZ 10" just published today, here are a few links to some authoritative posts.

Responsive or Bust - Google's Focus on Mobile - How to Design for It

Annie Cushing :
How to Use  Chromes' Mobile Emulator to Get Your Site Mobile Friendly

Twitter Feeds #MobileMadness

Twitter's Mobile Madness hashtag was very active yesterday. Here's some links for results.


#Googlewmc -  Google Webmaster Blog - Where it All Started

A Quick Fix - That Passes the Google Mobile Test
If you have a site that is not responsive yet, and want to have Google see a mobile site when it crawls your home page, consider adding mobile pages to your site and redirect code that will go to the site for iphones and Android phones. Of course there is a hitch. The code that I use is for Adobe Cold Fusion, although it may be modified or work with other programs.

One of two results will show up :|

Test your site with Google Mobile Test >

This is the code that I use on various sites and the Google test gave the site a go for being mobile friendly.
  <cfif findNoCase('Android', cgi.http_user_agent,1)>
<!--- relocate to Android version of the mobile site --->
<cflocation url="">
<cfelseif findNoCase('iPhone', cgi.http_user_agent,1)>
<!--- relocate to iphone version of the mobile site --->
<cflocation url="">
<cfelseif findNoCase('mobile', cgi.http_user_agent,1)>
<!--- relocate to iphone version of the mobile site --->
<cflocation url="">

Ultimately, a responsive site is the best solution for the recent Google changes. However, if we can "hack" the results of the mobile friendly test, without going through the  major overhaul of a site to convert it to responsive then we are helping our clients save money.

Inspiration and Innovation - on Steroids

by David Brown  -

The Apple Watch Innovation
On the edge of business innovation is the perfect storm of creativity and technology, connecting with people, carrying a vision, and maintaining a focus.

Steve Jobs was a prime example. If you have not read the biography by Walter Isaacson, it clearly shows in real life how this concept works. Apple continues to innovate, and is a leader in innovation, with the newest offering of the Apple watch disrupting the mobile device market, and setting new standards.

From tablets to cell phones and now watches, the technology device gets smaller, and the functions get much more powerful. The major areas of daily life are connected in a way that allows the user to "hack" into every area of life to improve, monitor, reach goals, and manage all the various tasks of work, play, sleep, creativity, meditation, workouts and all activity.

When a disruptive technology first hits the market, it generates criticism as well as praise. Many times the critics become fans later, after the technology becomes "proven" by market acceptance and as a potential profit source.

When you visit the Apple website pages of the Apple Watch, it is a total immersion experience, designed intentionally to convey not only what the watch can do, but how it can change your life, for the better. Fast forward five years and in retrospect we will see how Apple set a new standard in innovation through inspiration.

As consumers of technology, we choose which apps on our cell phones and tablets help us manage parts of our life. The Apple Watch seems to have many of the best choices already built in, with plenty of flexibility for customization and personal preference.

Health and Fitness - Living a Better Day

With the concept of bio-hacking becoming better known, where minimal amounts of time and maximum results  may be the goal in some situations, the Apple Watch web page already has this concept built in as standard.

 Watch the Watch - View the Apple Watch Videos