Social Media Marketing Plan - FAQ - Part 2

by David Brown

This is Part 2 of frequently asked questions about a social media marketing plan. To view Part 1, please review A Social Media Marketing Plan - FAQ Part 1 

How Do We Implement a Social Media Marketing Plan?

In Part 1 we identified goals, who is creating the campaigns, who is the target audience, what is the best social media venue to publish, what might be the best times to publish or post on that venue. We focused on Facebook as the majority of social media marketing consultants in the U.S. have a consensus that Facebook is the first choice for social media marketing. For the purposes of this blog, we will focus on six questions for the implementation of a Facebook marketing plan. 

To implement a Facebook social media marketing plan we start with a plan for timing and frequency of posts to the target audience, with content that matches our goals. Our budget has been set, and we have hired a social media marketing consultant to implement our plan. Here's a few important questions about how to implement the social media marketing plan that we have already set up.

1) Is it important to set up a market test or series of tests?
 Yes and No. A market test is a specific evaluation of the performance of a post or series of posts. Response is measured. Return on investment (ROI) is measured. If the test shows that the post(s) were effective, then they can be used again in the future.

However, in this fast paced and changing industry, every post and campaign can be considered a market test, in that we are constantly monitoring and measuring results using the insights tool that Facebook provides.

2) What is the Facebook Insight tool and how is it used?
The Facebook insights tool measures the amount of engagement of a particular post, i.e. how many post likes, image likes, page likes, comments, and shares. The numbers are summarized for a quick review of how well a particular post did, and what days and times had a stronger reach into your target audience. By seeing what works more effectively, we can modify the plan and use similar posts and content that have more engagement.

3) Can We Target a Specific Demographic? Age? Gender? Location?

Yes. One of the features of Facebook is that it makes the targeting much easier by allowing selection of age, gender, location, and even specific interests. As an example, an assisted living client wants to increase their page fans and when we promote or boost a post, we target women, ages 55-65, in the local area as they are most likely to either be family caregivers, or have an elderly parent that may need assisted living. By posting content that appeals to this group such as information on Alzheimers, care giving, etc., we are able to increase the engagement and maximize the budget dollars spent to increase page likes and fans.

To implement this we look for content, or combine our own original content including rhymes, and post it at specific days and times. Usually once per week or twice is enough. 

4)  Where Do You Find Good Content ?
This is an excellent question that applies to everyone. Resources for good content are abundant on the Internet. Let's explore some categories. Keep in mind that the content needs to appeal to the page fans and/or target audience. Some categories for existing content are news, photo sites, Youtube, content that others have shared, blogs, Google search by topic, Facebook search, Twitter search. For original content we use a combination of copy writing, rhymes, selected stock photos, and blogs. Creative wisdom sayings embedded in photos are also used occasionally. In the photo below, I combined a free photo from Istock, with original text, and added a sailing ship with Photoshop. These fall under a general category of inspiration and people usually like them.

5) Is it Important to Use a Schedule for Posting? 

A schedule can be important for dated events that occur on specific days, or when we are trying to match the best days and times for maximum potential engagement. Otherwise, they do not need to be exactly scheduled, but in the case of two times per week, then they are planned accordingly. Special events also deserve a posting in advance to give notice and details. 

6) How Important is Research When Implementing a Social Media Plan?

 Research is important in developing the plan as well as implementing it. For new posts, research involves studying trends, other posts, sources of good content - mentioned above - and creating new content. Searching for the right combination of photo, text, and the many variations of each takes time, experience, creativity and knowledge of Facebook and the industry of the client. Research is an ongoing and important aspect of an effective social media marketing plan.

Authored by

David Brown

David Brown is an award winning internet marketing consultant and Certified Content Marketer. As owner of Logion Web Design, he has been in the SEO, web design, and content marketing industry since 1999. He is the sole author and publisher of this blog, Likes, Tweets and SEO, and also is the owner of Dentist Webmaster LLC, launched in 2013. He offers consulting and is accepting qualified accounts for monthly advanced SEO and content marketing services. His dog's name is Shaman.