Web Designer Certified as Content Marketer

by David Brown

My business life has been just as much a journey as my personal one.

I have experienced lots of paths, change of directions, re-locations, and business changes along the way.

Before 1999, when I started with Internet marketing and web design, I was a CFP-CLU financial adviser and securities broker in both Northern and Southern California, a marketing manager for a large life insurance company, and a self-employed neon sign designer, installer and sign repair electrician in Chicago.

So here we are almost half way through 2014.


There is so much content out there that we all have an overload. With the new type of marketing - content marketing - the key is to break through the overload and engage a prospective new customer.

It's a challenge.
By studying the strategy of copy writing and content marketing with Copyblogger's Authority Certification program, I learned much more than I had expected. My reaction when I found out that I received the designation:

Here's the Official News Release
Web Designer David Brown Certified as Content Marketer 
Web designer David Brown, owner of Logion Web Design, was recently certified as a content marketer by Copyblogger, an internet authority in content marketing.

Content marketing  is a relatively new method used to orchestrate original and compelling  content that is published on web sites, blogs, or social media to increase engagement by readers and eventually, sales. The type of content that is shared is closely related to the products or services being sold.

Examples include an attractive product photo on Pinterest, or an article or blog discussing the latest trends in home security. The content mainly focuses on educating prospective customers so that they know, like, and trust the content enough to do business with business owner who published the content. This is a distinction compared to selling. With selling and advertising, the content is pushed at the prospective customer. With content marketing, the customer finds the content on the Internet and learns about it without a direct sales pitch.  

The Certified Content Marketer designation was launched in 2014 by Copyblogger, an authority in copy writing and content marketing. The training course covers a wide range of content marketing strategies and as well as its relationship to Google’s page ranking rules. The trends and goals in content marketing aim for better quality, originality, reader engagement and social media sharing.

David Brown, the owner of Logion Web Design , with locations in Salem and Eugene, is among the first to receive the Certified Content Marketer designation from Copyblogger and has been actively involved in web design and internet marketing for over ten years. He is also the writer and publisher of “Likes, Tweets, and SEO” (
www.LikesTweetsandSEO.com),  a blog discussing internet marketing that has received over 34,000 views. For more information, go to www.logion.net.