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Let me guess.

You are a small business owner who just has a few extra minutes to search for Google + ideas, but really does not have the time to research it, develop it, and use it to effectively increase your business. You are concerned about what the competition is doing on the Internet, and do not want to be left behind. In fact, if you could, you would really enjoy kicking ass against the competition. That is why you saw this title and clicked on it.

Your Business vs The Competition
What would happen to your local competition if you were able to use a unique, amazing, stunning content idea and leverage your reputation, influence, and authority on the most powerful social platform out there in regards to links and Google page ranking?

Would you like to use a service that includes Google + power tools, advanced copy writing skills, and SEO metrics, that converts an inactive Google + account into a powerful tool for content marketing?

Maybe it won't "blow away the competition", but it will give you the edge to take your business to the next level. This is what we are doing for our best clients - those that are way too busy to do this for themselves.

The Mercedes Benz of SEO
Of all the many tools and programs out there, we use the best ones that stand out with regard to maximizing your time for results with Google + . The combination of tools and services is like the Mercedes Benz of SEO.

Are We at the Top of Google? 
Are one or two of our web sites at the top of Google? Yes.  Have we used Google + to get it there? Yes.

We have seen how Google Plus posts, combined with authorship, and keywords, have driven content to the top of Google Page ranking. We have used this effectively in our own target marketing. Search for Portland webmaster on Google and see what shows up at the top. Then close the browser window and return to this blog and the section below: "Let's Get Started" for some free benefits !

Here's a link to make it easier: Google Search  - Portland Webmaster 

Let's Get Started

If you are a business owner and need help with your Internet marketing this is a great way to get started:

1. Receive a free consultation with a creative webmaster, to discuss your needs.
2. Receive a 30 day free trial of an advanced metrics program, that helps with page ranking.
3. Receive a free site audit, of links and authority, compared with up to five competitors.
4. Receive free resources that discuss the amazing benefits of using copy writing to increase business.

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Authored by
David Brown

David Brown is a Certified Content Marketer and an award winning Internet marketing consultant. As owner of Logion Web Design, he has been in the SEO and content marketing industry since 1999. He is the sole author and publisher of this blog, Likes, Tweets and SEO. He offers consulting and is accepting qualified accounts for monthly advanced SEO and content marketing services.

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