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by David Brown
Content Marketing, Copy writing

How to Experience a Thousand Year Old Recipe

Ancient recipes are not easy to come by.

However, at Evergreen Indian Restaurant not only can you choose among ancient recipes, you will experience a taste that is both unique, delicious, and considered by some as the best food in the world.

The menu is the heart of every restaurant's life. At Evergreen Indian Restaurant, it is an experience just to browse through the unique menu items. The exotic names and descriptions are from both North and South Indian cuisine, which reflects the differences in a country so vast and diverse. They also fresh grind their spices and herbs for every recipe.

Personal Favorites
Some of my personal favorites are Saag Paneer, a creamed spinach and cheese dish with spices that has a unique taste completely different from any other dish. The Chicken Makhani is boneless chicken cooked in a tomato sauce. However, this tomato sauce is also unique and different from anything that I have ever had that has tomatoes in it. It is my favorite item and is usually always served during their lunch buffet. The lunch buffet itself is my favorite way of tasting different dishes. They have a nice selection of choices with names over the dishes and after you discover your favorites you can come back for more if you have room.

Tandoori Specialties
The Tandoori Specialties are dishes that are prepared in the famous Tandoori clay oven and served sizzling hot. The tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven that has been discovered to be used as far back as 3300 B.C. through archaeological finds in India. Imagine how the recipes in India were refined through trial and error over the centuries and then the best of the best became a part of a classical cuisine tradition.

This is how you can experience a thousand year old recipe; even more than one, when you enjoy a meal at Evergreen Indian Restaurant.

Experience the Thali Dinner
This type of food is not meant to be eaten quickly, but savored slowly, especially with all of the subtle flavors that seem to be present in each bite. They have a yogurt based side dish called Raita which acts as a neutral "cleanser of the palette", so when tasted in between dishes, it helps to separate the distinct flavors of each dish so that you can enjoy each one even more. It comes as a part of the Thali dinner which is an option when you order an entree. The Thali dinner allows for a full tasting experience of not only the entree that you choose, but also small side dishes of Daal, a thick Indian stew, usually made with lentils, Sambar, a traditional Indian soup, and the vegetable curry of the day. Dessert is your choice but I always order the home made Mango ice cream which words cannot describe!

Reviews and Yelps
With all of this wonderful food what are other people saying about Evergreen Indian Restaurant that has locations in both Corvallis and Eugene? If you visit Yelp for the Eugene restaurant you will see a 4 star rating from ninety five reviews. One review states that the "food is spectacular and the place is clean". From the Corvallis Yelp page, there is a four and a half star rating out of five, out of seventy reviews.

One review from Corvallis :
"I am an Indian from India. Travels have taken me far and wide and lucky for me, it's easier to find Indian cuisine around the world now. I need a go-to Indian restaurant to fend the home sickness and to celebrate times worth celebrating. Evergreen is amongst the finest, most authentic Indian food I've ever had. This includes the countless restaurants in over 30 cities across India that I've tried at some point in life." Prashant P.

Authentic Ambiance and Atmosphere
In addition to excellent food and reviews, the atmosphere of a restaurant is also important to have a completely satisfying eating experience. At Evergreen Indian Restaurant, traditional attire is worn by the serving staff. The women wear sari's that seem to be made of colorful silk. Classical Indian music is playing in the background which usually includes the sitar instrument accompanied by tabla drums. Authentic pictures on the wall are classical Indian themes, including architecture and images of the gods or goddesses that are a part of their religion. Don't be surprised if the owners, Usha or Meerali, greet you with a warm smile and sincere heart, or if they stop by your table to see how your meal is, or answer questions about one of the recipes. You are never rushed to complete your dining experience here.

 Web Site Design
Even their web site provides an ancient visual and auditory experience when you see the home page. A woman's picture next to their logo in the upper left corner greets you with closed eyes and joined hands in prayer. A large image of the Taj Majal takes up the majority of the page and ancient Sanskrit letters with the English translation that greets you "Namaste - Food to nourish your body and soul". Four smaller photos also show the variety of food choices including an a mouth-watering entree, a full Thali dinner, steaming Tandoori chicken, and the lunch buffet that is very popular.

David Brown