Superbowl Ads - Content Marketing Unplugged

by David Brown

Unplugged. Brash. Weird. and always engaging.

The Superbowl Ads are anticipated as much as the game. The advertising playing field is a contact sport. Engaging ads need to score a viral touchdown or else the ad agency may be tackled and fired. 

The previews, advanced hype, Internet tweets, blogs, news, and YouTube traffic are a part of the game. It seems to be getting bigger and better every year. It's all one big Sports Mardi Gras, as we experience a unique annual American experience called Superbowl. 

Let's see how some marketing folks are working it.

Sodastream's ad that was NOT a Superbowl ad, is going viral now (7 million views) and did not cost the $4 million + for a 30 second paid ad. Maybe they did not want to get tackled by Coke and Pepsi if they actually ran the ad. Smart play. Looking good, Scarlet !

CNN shows previews of Superbowl Ads, that may be aired or not ?

Yogurt Steps Up to Beer
Hey folks, we have healthy minded people watching the Superbowl, not just the beer guzzling Bud crowd. So why not a healthy yogurt ad? Here's one that may air from the NPR blog.

Going viral on the Internet is a marketing goal for Superbowl ads. Well, yes, at $134,000 a second of air time, that needs to be built it - a given - in the goals of the content marketing. Since the ads are unique and engaging, it would seem that they would all go viral.

We will see what goes viral after the game. Content marketing unplugged.

Go Seahawks!