Superbowl Ads - Content Marketing Unplugged

by David Brown

Unplugged. Brash. Weird. and always engaging.

The Superbowl Ads are anticipated as much as the game. The advertising playing field is a contact sport. Engaging ads need to score a viral touchdown or else the ad agency may be tackled and fired. 

The previews, advanced hype, Internet tweets, blogs, news, and YouTube traffic are a part of the game. It seems to be getting bigger and better every year. It's all one big Sports Mardi Gras, as we experience a unique annual American experience called Superbowl. 

Let's see how some marketing folks are working it.

Sodastream's ad that was NOT a Superbowl ad, is going viral now (7 million views) and did not cost the $4 million + for a 30 second paid ad. Maybe they did not want to get tackled by Coke and Pepsi if they actually ran the ad. Smart play. Looking good, Scarlet !

CNN shows previews of Superbowl Ads, that may be aired or not ?

Yogurt Steps Up to Beer
Hey folks, we have healthy minded people watching the Superbowl, not just the beer guzzling Bud crowd. So why not a healthy yogurt ad? Here's one that may air from the NPR blog.

Going viral on the Internet is a marketing goal for Superbowl ads. Well, yes, at $134,000 a second of air time, that needs to be built it - a given - in the goals of the content marketing. Since the ads are unique and engaging, it would seem that they would all go viral.

We will see what goes viral after the game. Content marketing unplugged.

Go Seahawks!

The Year of the Horse in Content Marketing ?

by David Brown
content marketing consultant

Today is the Chinese New Year - The Year of the Horse
Can the characteristics be applied to content marketing this year?
According to Chinese astrology, the characteristics of a Horse are those that can be expected for the new year. How this applies to content marketing is an interesting case study.

For those who write blogs or authoritative articles on any subject, maybe it's time to think and act like a horse this year. Run fast and powerful, and explore unbeaten paths. 

Innovation in advertising kicks off in February with the Super Bowl, and sets a creative standard for marketers to take ads and content marketing to a new level this year.

Like a horse, run with the herd or be a stallion. Be spontaneous, forceful, cover a lot of ground, and best of all, be free in your ideas, your content, and your life. 

Boring Subject Transformed into Engaging Video Content Marketing

by David Brown

A MUST SEE! Awesome safety video sets new standard - transforms boring subject into engaging content marketing.

Nice work Virgin Airlines !

Video is the optimal media for content marketing. Even the most basic information can be transformed into an engaging, educational experience. Bottom line: social media sharing, and new customers!
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Social Media Marketing Strategies - Case Study - Nordstrom on Pinterest

by David Brown
SEO and Content Marketing Consultant

"In the digital age, brands are no longer mere corporate assets to be leveraged, but communities of belief and purpose." - Greg Satell    
A Visual Trend Story in Pictures
Nordstrom on Pinterest is prime example of how to establish a fashion specialty brand on the Pinterest platform and create a visual community there by inspiring customers with a "visual trend story". By using the Pinterest Boards or folders as a target interest, they created the platform for customers to share the products that they like the most, are most relevant, and that they are inspired by. There are boards for each season, and major holidays including a "Top Gift List". Most all of the major areas of interest are shown as categories (boards) where customers can actively view, pin, share, and be inspired to buy certain products, or add them to a wish list on their own Pinterest boards. The most popular board is "Top Pins" with over 484 pins and 162,000 followers! 
It is a customer driven community, with over 65 boards, 12,000 pins and 4, 425, 214 followers as of the date of this blog. This is an amazing social media marketing success story from a brand that had positioned itself early on Pinterest with their customer-centered approach.

Of course the target audience for Nordstrom are women who love their culture and quality of fashion clothing. 
According to  Bryan Galipeau, Nordstrom’s social media manager, “Our goal is to inspire customers—in the way they shop, share and Pin. One of the things we love most about Pinterest is that customers can get inspired and take an action on their own terms. In many ways, it’s the world’s biggest wish list.”
A Moving Target  - Audience Driven Marketing 
The engagement and participation of Pinterest followers allows Nordstrom to leverage its customer-driven content strategy into digital marketing where marketing stats and insights are immediate and measurable as compared to a print catalog. The analytics that are used allows Nordstrom to see which products are getting the most engagement, and this allows them to make rapid adjustments in product development or design based on near real time feedback. The board that shows the most engagement with certain product lines is titled "Top Pins" . As with all pins each one shows how often is was shared, and how many people like it (with a heart symbol). 
The Nordstrom web site is most likely the main source of the pins as every product has a Pin button nearby to allow the social media engagement of sharing and pinning that product on the customers own board, which is seen by that customer's followers. 
Nordstrom adds pins to its own boards based on their Pinterest data.

A Model for Small Retail Business 
How can small business retailers apply this type of social media marketing to their own business?

First, a business owner's passion for their products needs to be shared and inspired in their customers, to the point that an online community can start to be formed that is actively engaged to whatever extent, in following, viewing, sharing, and participating in a site such as Pinterest. Criteria that may be more relevant for the major audience in Pinterest would be retail businesses that appeal to women, since over 80% of Pinterest followers are women, at least in the United States.

If there is already a Facebook community, then it is a natural means to share new pins or boards on Facebook to attract and convert Facebook fans to also be Pinterest followers.

Many small business owners have time constraints in trying to develop and implement a social media marketing plan. If that is the case, then they need to consider hiring a consultant to help them make the right choices for their goals and their budget.

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2014 - SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing Trends

by David Brown
SEO and Content Marketing Consultant

While "Content marketing" seems to be the newer buzzword, both SEO and social media marketing are very popular terms to describe various forms of Internet marketing. In an industry that is still establishing standards and definitions, one thing is clear regarding ongoing trends for all three terms; 2014 will continue to see an explosion of services, ideas, and creative content competing for the engagement of fans, web site visitors, and blog readers with a goal of branding, authority, and conversion to paying customers.

According to MOZ CEO Rand Fishkin in a recent blog, Six Predictions for the Marketing World in 2014, stats show the use of the three Internet marketing terms on Linked In. I imagine that many content marketing firms and consultants may not use Linked In as much as Google + and Facebook, or have not updated their Linked In profiles. I personally have revisited Linked In as another tool in my Internet marketing strategies, as it has shown a strong level of participation in a recent review.
The following stats show a smaller usage of content marketing, and the fact that SEO and Social Media Marketing are well embedded in profiles. As these profiles get updated in 2014, the term content marketing will most likely be added, bringing their numbers closer to the other two. 

  • 1,268,195 profiles with "SEO"
  • 2,767,263 profiles with "social media marketing"
  • 81,529 profiles with "content marketing"

    Five Trends Affecting All Three Areas of Internet Marketing

1) The increased diligence by Google to provide more authenticity, transparency, and accountability in their algorithms will factor into increased best standards for Internet marketing, weeding out those who seek to use black hat or gray hat methods to increase page ranking. 
2) Authority will become a more commonly used term for internet marketing as it relates to both page authority and web site or blog authority, as determined by a number of metrics that include links, social media referrals, shares, and participation. as well as conformity with other Google standards for titles, tags, keywords, and original content. 
3) While engagement will be very strong with visual media content including the sharing of images, video, and infographics in 2014, copyrighting with engaging titles and catchy phrases,  vivid descriptions, and unusual forms of writing methods will be also be important as content marketing that affects Google page ranking. 
4) Large brands will help to set trends for smaller companies with what works in content marketing, while smaller, more flexible firms may provide content marketing ideas that compete favorably with the large brand departments that focus on internet marketing. As an example, see my blog "Red Bull - A Study in Facebook Content Marketing",
5) Keyword research will increase to integrate various related keywords to the more common terms. An example in this industry of research on the keyword "content marketing" shows the following related keywords and phrases (Google Adwords keyword planning tool):
content marketing strategies, what is content marketing, content marketing services, content marketing agency. To list more might put me in hot water with Google for "keyword stuffing", which I want to avoid of course!

These are only five of many trends, but the most important ones in my opinion.
David Brown

For a description of my strategies for consulting clients on internet marketing in 2014, see my blog :
Portland Webmaster - Smart Internet Marketing in 2014.

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