The Best of 2013

Fast forward ......
it's 3013, one thousand years from now.....

We have mastered space travel and solved the world politics of wars, with a master drone one-world enforcement policy. Our cars float above the ground on fuel cells that have a renewable zero energy consumption. The favorites of the year are the new 3D visor-headphones that recreate a private movie or listening experience that takes you right into the performance, and options for listening/viewing include being a director, performer, producer.

Communications and trade with alien intelligence is no longer a mystery or science fiction. Different races and galaxy origins are explored and we keep learning how we are not alone. The Hubble telescope was re-tooled and launched deep into space to get more in-depth photos and videos of planets with life as well as star systems and galaxies.

 One thousand years from now ...imagine the content marketing industry then ...
Planning ahead? Here is the calendar for the Year 3013.

Back to 2013, it's time to list a few of my favorite sources for the Best of 2013, so here we go:

1) The 2013 Content Marketing Awards - Content Marketing Institute

These awards show seven of the thought leaders in content marketing from major brands, who have demonstrated innovation and trend setting / recognition in the challenging arena of social media, where content marketing has a target audience.

2) New York Times 10 Best Books of 2013

and the 100 Notable Books of 2013 - in case ten was not enough to browse.  

I am reading The Goldfinch now, and yes, it is very good.

3)  Amazon - The Best Books of 2013

4) Top 100 Movies of 2013 - Rotten Tomatoes -

This is my favorite movie site and this list shows all movies with the top reviews first at 100% on the "tomatometer". An awesome list that I will refer back to in this blog.

5) Best of Pinterest ? These may not be the best, or have the focus that you want, but if you are into marketing (and who isn't) or holiday fun at this time of year (who isn't) then check out these boards from these Pinners : recommended by Huffington Post

Because It's Awesome: with 47 boards and 17,000 + pins of images, you have a lot to browse through here, and the most awesome images and ideas from various topics. Many boards are design and craft related. If that's not your thing, try "so manly" "serious wanderlust", or "the great outdoors".

ChloƩ Douglas: - designer, art director....over 10,000 images pinned.....lots of color and ideas.

Sherri Levek:  Scroll her artist boards titled Art Heaven and enjoy browsing.

6) The Lists of Lists - .....the top ten of everything on the Time news feed:
Arts and Entertainment, Pop Culture and Social Media, Biz, Tech and Sports. Health and Society, Politics and News, Science and Space, but wait....scroll down and we have : The Year in 365 pictures, best photos in 2013

So with these, I / we can settle into the frigid holidays (it is 15 degrees here in Eugene, Oregon and I know that the rest of the country is also having some deep freeze issues),enjoy some warm drinks, stay healthy and safe, and enjoy these last days of the year with a positive anticipation for next year.

Life can have amazing depths of insights, creative ideas, and  new things to explore. Enjoy and celebrate your life. You only have one to live. Live strong, love deep, and have faith.