Portland Webmaster - Smart Internet Marketing 2014

by David Brown
Creative Webmaster

Almost over. 2013 - and a New Year just around the corner.

How can we be smarter with Internet marketing in 2014?

Let's explore what we are doing to help our clients - who are very busy managing their business to keep up with it all!


Research from the best sources on the Internet - thought leaders, marketing analysts, and of course, Google, will be the key that I will continue to use in 2014 to maintain an edge in new trends, methods, and a best standards approach to make the most of Internet marketing with web sites, blogs, Facebook or other social media. This takes up a portion of my day - to keep up, and even try to stay ahead to make sure that my webmaster and marketing services are both relevant and productive for clients.

Google Page Ranking 

Our methods of content marketing, SEO, and authority link building is designed to improve the page ranking for client's web sites for searches on Google for specific keywords and phrases. As an example, this blog is ranked #1 for searches of Portland webmaster, as I am marketing this keyword phrase to find new clients in Portland who need creative webmaster services. We use a best standards approach, and do not violate Google's guidelines for search engine optimization.  We have been involved in Internet marketing since 1999, and have top page rankings for a number of clients.

Webmaster Tools

Besides Google webmaster tools, I use several of the top rated, award winning and recognized tools, methods, and resources to consistently monitor web sites with important metrics such as domain authority, page authority, link quality, content marketing, and on-site optimization. There is a lot involved, and depending on the monthly marketing budget, not everything can be used for all accounts. However, I always consider the top priority of all the methods that can be used, to maximize your monthly marketing investment with webmaster tools.

Blog - Likes, Tweets, and SEO

This blog, www.LikesTweetsandSEO.com focuses on Internet marketing strategies for web sites, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs and has had over 25,000 views since I set it up about a year ago. I write about advanced Internet marketing strategies that I use myself in my planning and services for clients.

Here are some recent blogs published in 2013
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Spammers and Scammers

These are two terms that I use that are relevant to our services for the fact that this Internet marketing business, also known as SEO, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, is saturated, and full of "scammers and spammers" offering everything from "top of Google" to renewing your domain name as if they are already the administrator, to so many fancy bells and whistles that it is no wonder that I get emails from clients on a regular basis asking about various solicitations. I get them myself, by email and on the phone.

It is something that we are all having to deal with to some extent. I can help you with checking things out and letting you know about them. If it looks like a great program, then I want to know about it. Otherwise, I will add it to my blacklist.

A Commitment to Service 

How many times have clients called me and I have answered the phone live, right at that moment? I try to do this for every client all the time. However, I may be on the phone with a client when they call, in which case I will get back to them asap.

However, in most cases, I am available at the moment when they want to talk to me and are taking the time to try to reach me. If they cannot reach me, then they always let me know the best time to call back so I can try to make it the most convenient for them. Even a telephone appointment works well these days, as then we both know that we will have this time to talk. 

Besides the phone convenience, including text messages, I have a commitment to provide excellent service for clients with their web presence and Internet marketing.

For all the rest of you who are not clients, here’s to keeping your Internet marketing moving forward into the new year!

Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity in 2014,

David Brown

creative webmaster
web copywriter, blogger
owner, Logion Web Design