Timing Can Help with Social Media Posts

by David Brown

Market timing may have another definition than a stock market service.

In the case of social media posting, certain times of day have been found to be more responsive than others. By including these times in the marketing planning for clients, we try to optimize the best response for any given post.

If we use the boost/promotion option on Facebook at the same time, then there is leverage in also using the best timing to reach the most people.

Social media provides such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In, Pinterest, and even blog posts have been monitored, measured, tracked, and analyzed with stats that tell all when it comes to the most active time periods for posting.

An infographic was developed to show these in a grid format that is very effective. Blogs seem to have the best response Monday, Friday and Saturday at 11am. We missed that time today (Friday) so we are scheduling it for Saturday at 11:00am. A nice feature here on blogger.

Nightime posts seem to perform worst across all social media and blog posts, and it is no surprise. Not all of us are night owls.

Google Plus and Facebook seem to be best in the early morning and late afternoon, while Pinterest seems to thrive on Saturdays, with an average visit time of 16 minutes!

So the next time that you are viewing posts, be aware of the time that they are appearing, and evaluate the timing in your own schedule.

When it comes to market timing, I think I'll stick to the 11am slot for all of my future blog posts, or at least post the publishing title and link to the blog at the strategic times.

David Brown
creative webmaster
SEO , Inbound Marketing Consultant


(Source: Fannit.)