Facebook Likes This - Investors, Analysts, and Shanghai

by David Brown
SEO- Inbound Marketing Consultant

The Los Angeles Times just confirmed a recent trend with Facebook that is making news and seeing action on Wall Street. In today's Los Angeles Times article, "Facebook's status among investors and analysts changes: It's a darling",  we learn that Facebook has proven revenue sources with ads on mobile devices and tablets, and that their plans for increased advertising revenues from video and Instagram are causing optimism among analysts and investors. 

Rapid Adaptation in Advertising
With 1.2 billion users, Facebook is a giant on the internet, and is rivaling Google with online time and way ahead with user friendly social media engagement. The insights that Facebook can use to help advertisers fine tune their marketing campaigns is amazing. The integration with the news feeds of users may get some push back as an unwanted annoyance, especially when more people learn about how to turn the ads off. However, the resiliency of Facebook to be able to change and adapt is also proven, and this is encouraging to investors and analysts who see rapid adaptation as a must along with strong financials. 

Shanghai Free Trade Zone

With China still cracking down and banning websites, censoring free Internet usage, and throwing social media pundits in jail, one opportunity may open up the doors to China if these policies ever change. Based on the Arab Spring events, it seems like a possibility for the future of China. The exception to  China's ban on Facebook and Twitter (2009) and other social media sites is in a free trade zone in Shanghai that allows foreign firms to get licensed to offer Internet services in the trade zone.  This allows a company like Facebook to establish a market base there now, with strong upside potential to reach a wider China market. full story >

A Facebook Marketing Strategy
When Wall Street starts to like Facebook, it is a good sign for considering Facebook marketing as an important business strategy. The leverage of fans with their own friends can cause a much wider reach of marketing campaigns when the fans share a post on their own news feed. The strategy for marketing on Facebook is different than the traditional  methods, and has some creative ways to get attention to your business without promoting your business directly. One marketing strategy is to create posts on local events that are positive, or personal stories of individuals doing something positive. These  may have a better chance of more likes than promoting a particular product or service, and increases the reputation among fans that you care about the community and enjoy sharing positive news on things besides your own products or services . These can also be shared, but when mixed with the other posts, they are less likely to be looked upon as "advertising spam".  

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