Portland Webmaster and Content Marketing Revisited

by David L. Brown
creative webmaster
owner: Logion Web Design Inc

Portland Webmaster Reveals Secrets

Update 3-6-2017

Who Would Have Thought?
Since this post is still at the top of Google four years after the original posted date 3/26/13, says a lot about our internet marketing results. If you are interested, I am only taking on certain types of accounts, and I have a limit on the number of accounts I will manage. In fact my website says that I am not taking on new accounts. There are so many "spammers and scammers" out there that I am leaving that notice on my site home page. I can be reached at info@logion.net to start an initial inquiry into whether we might be a good fit. Thanks for visiting. - David Brown

Some Ideas and Strategies
This is just a glimpse, a sample and it is more involved.

To compete effectively in Google page ranking in Portland with search results I will do some keyword research first using the Google keyword tool and check out some common keywords for the industry, looking for the ones that have the most traffic. Then I will add Portland into the keyword and see what traffic stats there are for Portland. Since Google now knows the location when people search, it is no longer necessary to exclusively use the location in the keyword phrase. That said, this blog uses it and it works effectively when the keyword Portland is added in the search.

Fresh updated content by the author/business owner/ content marketer of the web site or blog is important right now and should be ongoing, as Google looks for authority, relevance, and more recently social signals and engagement in measuring page ranking with their algorhithms.
A strong advantage for Portland business who have a physical address in Portland is Google places that can also be integrated with a Google Plus 1 account. When we start to integrate relevant Portland keywords in the blog, web site, Google places, and Google Plus account, you will have a good start to an campaign to help your business. Going deeper, you would need to have an increasing amount of engagement and your Google + 1 account such as +Logion Web Design linked as well as having +1's added to your web site and your blog. There's much more and this is just a sample.
Content Marketing is Important for Google Page Ranking

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine -
and the shadows will fall behind you” - Walt Whitman

With a recent addition of  tools I have expanded and leveraged how my time works the best for my clients. I am planning a stronger presence in the Portland market and have already seen new projects coming from the Internet due to Google page ranking.

The key to good internet marketing, once the basic architecture is in place,  is a consistent development of fresh content, both on the web site, and through other media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, that also are rich with anchored text keywords, but especially relevant and current topics related to your business.

My main focus now is content marketing, and I am  Certified Content Marketer. This includes mainly blogs, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

David Brown, Logion Web Design
Portland webmaster