Amazing Space - Local Grace

by David L. Brown
Logion Web Design

One of the most important locations to be in for your business is just where you are - if you have a physical address - a "bricks and mortar" business - or at least an address that receives mail. This "amazing space" - your physical business address - gets some "local grace" with the free Google Places and Maps listing. However, to be at the top of this Places section is the challenge, and where SEO (search engine optimization) needs to be deployed. Out of the 10 million searches done every month, 20% are using local space from desktops and up to 50% from mobile devices. This is expected to increase.

At the top of many Google search result pages there is a section - below the paid ads which many people skip over - titled "Places". Occasionally there are web sites that are placed above these that are not ads....and that is the best placement for an organic listing. Here's a screenshot example of a client web site listing that shows above the Google Places.
More on this below.

Your Google Places free listing may or may not show up at the top of page one the Google search results page. However if it does, it may generate much more traffic to your web site than the regular listing shown below the Google Places section. Usually, it needs to have professional SEO services to rank high and compete with other web sites in the same search result.

In a "normal" Google Places display on a search result page you will see a similar placement:

Paid ads at the top, shown with a background color, then the top Google Places listing. This is another client that we have achieved top ranking for their main keyword phrase, and even above a national site. National sites have a disadvantage if they do not have a local address. PO boxes do not count, not do UPS store addresses. Google cancels those when they find out.

Optimizing a Local Listing

There are a number of methods to optimize a local listing. In fact, there are too many to list here and they are all a part of an SEO campaign that is targeted to help both the web site, Google Places, and a Facebook page if needed. One of important strategies is to be listed on as many free directory web sites as possible that allow a link back to your web site and a display of your local address. There are also paid directory listings and in some cases the link juice is worth the value of the listing. Google picks up on some of these and gives some "local listing" credit with their algorithms that calculate page ranking. The following is a list of some of the directory sites that will help optimize your local listing. - It's becoming more common to see references from insiderpages in Google search result pages, so get a free listing here. Other sites to check out are the following:

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SEO Copywriting Revisited

by David Brown
SEO copy writer, webmaster

SEO copy writing is becoming an important planning tool for every web site, and most web sites have none. 

Copy writing itself - without the SEO - is important enough. Web site visitors need to be engaged, both visually, as well as with the carefully chosen words that engage and evoke response. SEO is search engine optimization - Google page ranking. Many business owners have heard of this by now and know that it is important to get found at the top of Google.

Content - the text and words in a web site or blog - are becoming a top priority for the best Google page ranking results. Online marketing is driven by fresh, updated content as the Google bots and algorithms are giving more credit to those who demonstrate authority and expertise in their industry reflected by certain keywords, and by articles and blogs.

A big challenge for business owners who either do not write or have time to if they did, or both. This is where SEO copy writing services come in and where SEO copy writers are in demand.

Social media thrives on new content and this is both a trend and a key to understanding the new marketing and branding that needs to be done to stay current with the trends.

SEO Copy Writing is more than just words.
Meet AuthorRank

With the addition of Google Plus to their arsenal of Products, Google has juts elevated the game of SEO copy writing to the next level. The author of the copy is also important, and for clients that do not have time to do their own copy writing, we represent them as their webmaster. This also reflects the fact that our services are titled "Internet management" rather than just SEO. Web site content, design, strategy, blogs and Facebook/ social media all need to be optimized and coordinated for maximum results.

With Google Plus we set up the free Google account and provide writing for the business as a webmaster or as a "ghost writer" for the business owner, so that full credit is given through the Google Plus profile and updated posts with links to the blog. As Google continues to refine its filtering and screening process, it wants to discern if the copy writing is from the business or from an external source, like an SEO copywritier not using the Google Plus profile of the business as the author of the content. Which would Google deem more trustworthy? Trust, reputation from reviews, social media activity, are becoming an important part of SEO. Google wants to meet the demands of the web searching public and provide better page ranking for credible and knowledgeable business owners or content providers. Using AuthorRank in their algorithm makes sense and we address that when we do SEO copy writing for business owners (who are way too busy managing their own business to have time to do it .    

David Brown
Logion Web Design