Why Facebook Ads?

by David Brown
 The term social media was created to help define the phenomenon that is Facebook. Sure, there are other social media outlets such as Twitter, Linked In, and Pinterest, but Facebook is far and away the most popular. Since so many people interact with Facebook on a daily basis, it just makes sense that Facebook ads should be part of any serious business marketing plan. In addition, Facebook makes marketing even easier by helping you reach out to target demographics and see what sorts of ads are generating the best response with its ample supply of statistical data.
     Ideally, what you are looking for in any marketing campaign is a greater number of individuals interested in your product. It would be nice to have your product be recognizable by everyone in the country, or even the world, but in reality it is better to focus on precise demographics so that your product reaches those individuals that it is a good fit for. Hip hop music is probably not going to appeal to the older generation for instance.
     Facebook allows you to target your ads in very precise campaigns. You can target by age, location, and gender demographics, precise interests of the individual, by specific group, by education, by workplace, and even by the connections the person already has in place through Facebook. For example, you could target your ads to women aged 45-55 who live in the Portland, Oregon area. This targeted marketing is different than keyword marketing where you market to anyone who searches for a particular keyword. In Facebook ad marketing, you are focusing on the characteristics of a particular person and potential of that person to respond to your product.
    Facebook ad campaigns can be very cost-effective. You set the amount you wish to pay based on cost per thousand impressions or cost per click, whichever you decide. The minimum amount per day is only a dollar. You have complete control over your advertising budget. In addition you have complete control over your ad campaign, you decide when to start, pause, or delete ads entirely using Facebook’s ad manager. Since Facebook ads can be so inexpensive, it is easy to test market campaigns cheaply.
     When first creating Facebook ads, several ads should be created for marketing to several different demographics. In this manner, you can track the performance of individual ads and see how they stack up against other ads you have created. By doing this you will tailor marketing more precisely to your audience. You may be surprised to find that the ads your audience likes are not always what you thought would be liked.
     Facebook makes it easy to understand how your ads are performing. The audience graph details for you who your ads are reaching. The response graph tracks who is performing a certain response, whether that be a click or action within a certain time period of seeing your ad. The insights tab helps you to understand the size of your audience along with who your audience is composed of. Monitoring who the fan base is of your page makes it easier to streamline your marketing techniques to create content tailored to your fans’ interests.
A Facebook ad campaign can be tested to see if it has the right image and message to get a response. Once the right combination is found, then you know that it may have a similar response and can increase your budget. Ads appear on the right column, unless a sponsored story. The ad must be eye-catching and if possible offer something free, or a drawing to maximize response. 
Facebook ads are yet another tool in your marketing arsenal. Marketing to Facebook users should not be ignored as it is the most well-known social media outlet. Targeted, cost-effective, and easy to use, a Facebook ad campaign should be the next step in getting the word out about your service or product.