SEO Copy Writing - Fresh Content for Page Ranking

by David Brown
Logion SEO, Web Design - Eugene, Salem, Portland, Oregon 

One of the greatest challenges for business owners is to provide fresh updated content on their web sites or in a blog linked to the site. We have been advising our clients of the need for fresh updated content for some years now and Google is now requiring it for better SEO (search engine optimization) and page ranking.

The standard for best SEO used to stop at good content with keywords, title tags, h1 header tags, etc. That's not good enough for Google. They want to identify who has the best expertise as shown by the fresh updated content - that provides authoritative news and articles on their field.

This is not an absolute, as when I search for various keywords fresh content is not always there at the top of Google ....yet. It takes Google a while to fully integrate any new changes to their algorithms, although not as long as it used to.

To be safe we recommend that our clients either post their own or for those who we are working with to send us a blog to post every week to stay ahead of the curve. This can be demanding as for my own account I hardly have time to write my own blogs !

How can you leverage your fresh content? Post the links on social media such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Google + 1 and in a news release (such as  if it is newsworthy. Send out an email with the title of the blog in the subject and encourage people to review it and make comments on it.

Use Original Copy

Use your own original copy or have a copywriter prepare it for you. Do not use someone else's copy or article - there are easy ways to check it and see if it's not yours - and you can bet that Google does this and may even penalize you if you copy other content. This includes the "spin scams" out there that take someone else's article and spins the words in such a way that it "appears" to be original. Give me a break. Google has already cracked down on that scheme. The key is to be honest, straightforward, authoritative in your field, and to go ahead and use keywords in your fresh content, but sparingly, not stuffed into every sentence !

Set up a Schedule

What is the most important appointment that you have this week ? Make another just as important - a writing appointment that you honor and can use every week to make sure that you are getting the fresh content out there. I am taking my own advice and planning my next writing project for next Friday morning, a week from now.

Too busy? We provide SEO copy writing to clients who are too busy to write their own blogs. It's a solution that works and also causes us to always try to be creative with our writing approaches.

David Brown
Portland webmaster
Internet Marketing consultant

Logion Web Design and Development LLC

Keywords and Local Search

by David Brown
Logion Web Design

Both keywords and local search are important factors in SEO for a number of reasons. Keywords are those specific words or phrases that relate to your targeted search result for your business.

Google Keyword Tool
 If you want to optimize your web site and create an SEO campaign for certain keywords, then you will want to look at Google's keyword tool. The free tool allows you to put in a specific keyword and see how many average monthly searches have occurred on Google for that term, and also related words and phrases. For example I have optimized and continue to optimize for Portland webmaster. The keyword webmaster shows an average of 360,000 searches per month in the U.S. SEO web design shows 14,000 and this is has a smaller number of searches it is a keyword phrase that describes what we do at Logion Web Design. Finding keyword phrases that may not have as many searches also maybe easier to optimize as   there may not be as much competition. By using the keyword tool you can select which keywords work best for your web site and blogs.

SEO Web Design Portland SEO web design Portland is a keyword phrase that reflects how more and  more of the general public are learning the meaning of SEO and how important it is to have a good page ranking on Google if you expect any business from the internet. I added Portland at the end of this keyword phrase as I am targeting business owners in that particular city. I have had some recent results that shows that I am on the right track. I will modify my web site title tag, and include this term in more blogs and links to increase the SEO potential of this new keyword combination that I just found on Google keyword tool !

Local Search

Google Places and Maps has become a major focus for SEO professionals who want to optimize their clients sites for local searches. Google recently changed their display of local results and organic page rankings and we are seeing a hybrid of the two whereas before only the places would be on top under the paid Google Adwords.

Google will always provide the results that are most relevant to your search.The location used to customize your results is clearly indicated on the left side of your results page or in your search results. An auto-detected location is chosen based on some of the following factors:
Automatically detected location
To provide you with the most relevant results, Google attempts to automatically detect your location and customize results based on that detected location. An auto-detected location is chosen based on some of the following factors: The IP address, Google's toolbar My Location feature. If you see a location on the left side of the search result page then Google knows your location. You can change the location manually to see what a search result might be for another city. I use this a lot myself in my research.

There is a lot more to keywords and Local search and I will address some of the issues in another blog. For now, time is filled with client's projects, and I need to have this blog be shorter than originally intended.

David Brown
Logion Web Design
Portland, Salem, Eugene