Press Releases and SEO.

by David Brown, Logion Web Design and Development

We are living in the future of yesterday. It wasn't too long ago that ideas such as carrying computers in our hands, streaming movies from the web, and the "new" trend in social media, were considered far fetched. SEO, or search engine optimization, once an unknown term, has now become well known. Press releases, once confined to a much smaller distribution network, are now  accessible to everyone. A recent blog that was also posted on a major press release network had 14,000 impressions and 600 reads within a few days.

The internet now has over 2 million users worldwide. The continuing rapid growth of search traffic combined with the continuing innovations of distribution, are the main reasons why press releases can now be more effective then ever. Because of the search engines such as Google refining their results for keywords, and offering a news search as well as an "everything" search, news releases have a better chance of reaching a target audience directly. Even if one person does not read the news release, the added benefit of a news release published on a high traffic distribution site is that it still has a powerful impact on the SEO of a company's web site. With researched keywords and links to the target site or Facebook page, a press release is an integrated solution for providing fresh updated content, one of the requirements for an effective SEO campaign. "Press releases can announce a range of news items, such as scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, new products and services, sales and other financial data, accomplishments, etc. They are often used in generating a feature story or are sent for the purpose of announcing news conferences, upcoming events or a change in corporation." - PRWEB 

Content and Links-In
One of the most important strategies in SEO is to have fresh updated content and if it is on a blog or an external source such as a news release, to have a link back to the web site or Facebook page that will benefit from the link. Links are an important part of SEO if they come from a credible source, and if the source is a news release full of relevant keywords that are compatible with the target site, then the dual benefits of content and a link to the site are accomplished. Additional news releases with the same dynamics will stack over time providing a matrix of content linked in to the target site. 
Reputation and Social Sharing 
Once a news release is published it can add more credibility to a business by promoting the release on their Facebook page, through an email campaign, and by distributing it directly to local media. News releases these days have social sharing buttons next to them, allowing for readers to easily distribute the release to their own network with one click, and creating a geometric potential in distribution opportunities. On this platform of Blogger we use the dynamic templates option and you will see the sharing icons on this page. 

Distribution Channels

A strong and reputable distribution channel will promote your news release to a large number of media channels. These would include the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, who have their own news channel, news sites such as CNN, USA Today, Associated Press, BBC, industry specific sites such as manufacturing publications, Amazon,, and others, and news feeds of RSS subscribers to the distribution channel. These subscribers would include journalists looking for a story, bloggers wanting to be updated on specific topics, and other distribution channels. One distribution channel that we use regularly with clients is PRWEB. As a major distribution channel, PRWEB sends out a news release to 50,000 subscribers, 30,000 web sites, and 30,000 bloggers. Other distribution channels  channels such as BusinessWire and PRWire.

Case Study : Home Care
The recent release mentioned above that we published for a client on PRWEB, Home Care Industry Shows Strong Growth, had a national focus and also had a link back to their main site. We research and carefully prepare a news release both for reader interest and for SEO keyword integration into the release to provide better SEO for the client. Within a few days there were over 14,000 impressions and 600 reads. A few media picked up the story and ran it including on in Dallas, Texas. The existing Google page ranking of the target site was supported and fresh updated content would possibly be the first thing that the Googlebots would notice as they scanned the site and updated their algorithms.

Your press release can also be shared on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter, and if it is also on your blog, can be updated on search engines by pinging your blog using various free services. With credible content and links as two strong SEO strategies, press releases serve as a powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal.

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