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After attending the Facebook Developers conference in Seattle in October 2011, we are ramping up our Facebook developer services beyond our prior expectations. Staying on the cutting edge of changes and new developments in the industry. Now that is worth the idea of lighting up a cigar! Well, maybe :)

We launched a new Facebook page: Creative Fan Page Developer
and have a video promo ad to go with it :

Our comprehensive creative and technical Facebook marketing services are designed to give you the benefits, tools, and strategies that will engage, build and grow your audience, maximize your welcome message, and provide an ongoing system of targeted messages to your audience.
We help you to develop a unique voice in your industry. Why is this important? By adding some creative ideas for presenting your knowledge in a series of ongoing posts, blogs, or quick quotes, you can engage that same group of fans who clicked the Like button and wanted to receive updates from you in the same compelling, authentic and personal way in which they were first engaged.

Will you keep them as fans, referral sources and business clients? No guarantees, but an ongoing series of campaigns will provide a much better chance of keeping your fans. We have a case study to share with you about The Butcher's Blog.
Get started.

YES! Please contact me with more information about a free consultation:

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