Viral Marketing on Steroids

New Facebook SEO Insights for Business
by David Brown, Logion Web Design

In a best standards SEO (Search Engine Optimization) world, good quality content is what drives traffic, increases Google page rankings, and increases the credibility, authority, and reputation of a business in their industry.

Facebook, the social media giant, mainly known for it’s personal connections between friends, is taking another step towards providing some tools to measure the quality of content by the way page visitors respond to business pages – brands, media, products, and websites.

The latest news from Facebook includes a remodeling of its Insights analytics to measure popularity and reputation. “People Talking About” (a working title for this new analytics tool) was just launched and includes four stats including measuring the “Likes”. Beyond the likes will be measurements of almost anything that happens to your business page: comments, weekly total reach, friends of your fans, posts that have meaningful content, comments, and viral distribution (similar to Twitter’s retweets). Friends of fans doesn’t seem as important initially until you realize that everything that a page visitor does on your page is reported on their wall to all of their friends. Whether local, national or a global business or brand, this is viral marketing on steroids. Make every post count as Facebook will also list your last 500 posts for review in this new Insights development.

Launched and announced during the New York’s Advertising Week, the upgraded Facebook Insights development will add another API to help developers integrate the measuring tools into their business pages to more efficiently capture the page visitor data.

Opinion:  Facebook represents the best available integration of viral marketing (Likes), a content platform for the social media part of your marketing plan, and once you have a large number of fans, an excellent built-in captive audience for market testing. If you are a business that is evaluating Facebook as a part of your marketing plan, here’s some links that will be valuable for your due diligence:




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David Brown
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