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Twitter's ability to measure insights - statistics and various data from millions of posts or tweets - gives them a distinct edge on the pulse of marketing potential and what works for advertisers. 

Twitter recently announced that it has over 100 million "active users" worldwide, half of whom log in daily and 40 percent of whom have not tweeted in the last month. Twitter defines an "active user" as "anyone who logs into Twitter once a month".

The frequency of users may not be as impressive as the number of daily tweets or posts. Twitter pocesses 230 million tweets a day, a number that has increased 110 percent since the start of the year. Now that is impressive. With certain keywords that are trending in popularity of being read and retweeted, it gives some strong potential for both paid advertising (promoted tweets) and for the free posting of "tweets".

Twitter just launched a new blog titled Twitter Ads  and their own separate Twitter ad page @TwitterAds that will target marketers with data and strategies for effective Twitter advertising results. They have nine tweets so far. (11:48am PST)

They will be sharing news, updates, insights, best practices, and more.

The first blog The Power of Engagement discusses the timely launch of this new advertising blog during New York's advertising week. This just happened to coincide with Facebook's announcement of new business page analytic tools.

Twitter has enough data to be able to fine tune it's services and offers with proven results that engage the consumer and the potential advertisier. They have grown from a small handful of advertising partners to over 1600 brands. Market tests and campaigns have used Twitter to build followers of their tweets, increase brand awareness, make announcements and use the response data to refine their campaigns. One recent study showed that the emotional tone of tweets were positive in the am, trended increasing less positive during the workday, and then increased to more positive after work. What times of the day would marketers expect to get the best results ?

Twitter's analysis of it's overall results from thousands of campaigns showed the importance of the  social media buzzword "engagement".  Their stats show that there has been an average of a 3-5% engagement rate for Promoted Tweets (paid ad tweets) in searches. This is a much higher response rate than many other forms of digital advertising.

For marketers the blog and Tweets of Twitter's ad group will be a valuable resource to include in their market research, strategic planning, and use of best practices for campaigns of engagement. Note :
you don;t have to be a paid advertiser to glean some useful information here about using normal free tweets to make effective tweets for your followers and to obtain new followers who "like" your tweets.

Like other recent announcements of Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook; Twitter, a major player in the social media business market, is flexing it's muscles to provide more exciting platforms and results for marketing managers.
- David Brown ,
Likes, Tweets, and SEO for Business blog
Logion Web Design and Development LLC

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