Facebook Developers Conference

by David Brown, Logion Web Design and Development
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It's 6:49am in the lobby of the Westin Seattle and I have arrived early to do some work before the Facebook conference here. This conference is one of four being given around the country for developers to learn more about the Open Graph platform and the new Timeline features in Facebook. It is a follow up to the annual F8 conference that was held earlier this year to announce and launch new technologies involved with the Open Graph and Timeline. The roadshow event today will include "technical deep-dives", "office hours" - where Facebook engineers will be available for individual questions, and a Q&A session with the Facebook platform development team.

I am attending this conference to ramp up my development skills for Facebook pages for business and to mesh my own creative ideas for page presentation with the tech tools and programming to make it happen for my clients.

Update: 5:24pm
This was a very good conference.....about 200 developers there. The agenda included opening remarks, the Open Graph API, Mobile, Marketing API, Games, Q&A, and interaction with individual Facebook techs re: individual questions.

Notes: The web is reorganizing around people (being reorganized by people)
1st 15 yrs of web - used to be people were anonymous online....now people are bringing their true identities and authenticity online....just like most events are shared with friends, etc. such as music, a good movie, etc. the implications for branding and having youor products/ services liked / used, suggested in a social media can provide transformative business opportunities….

Facebook photos do not have many fancy features, except it has the tag, where friends can tag a photo that they lilke and it instantly is viral-spread to all on their friends list when it shows up on the wasll. The stats with Facebook are amazing.....over 250 million photos are uploaded every day!
what does this mean at a platform level? the new timeline….the most important change to the Facebook platform…how to think about profile….how to express yourself…..tell the story of your lives in periods of months and years…..
It occurred to me but was not mentioned in the conference, that from a marketing perspective, besides all the other features and benefits of the timeline, it creates possibilities for developers to help their business clients market to any demographic, and especially those with the longer timelines -the older demographic. Baby boomers... (Just thought of a domain name..baby boomer timelines.com! lol)

The LIke button is fast becoming a feature that can be integrated into websites and blogs as well as the sharing on the Facebook wall. However it doesn't express the user's action in real time or provide more details.....with the development of action verbs being a definer of users sharing, apps can now open up a whole new way for us to share more about the way we live our lives. It will enable people to express themselves on Facebook with more options of sharing the way we would in person or on the phone or text...…paves the way for a new generation of applications of how people share themselves…..watch, read, listen, etc. (as search term?)

The potential for cross referencing is endless.....applications can track lifestyles……how the stories of lives are told…..
Translating all of these new technologies and apps into practical uses for business is what's happening now for myself and many other Facebook developers who see the potential and want to integrate marketing seamlessly into the user experience. The insights, based on stats,  that Facebook has with the ads and sponsored stories (like advertorials) provides amazing feedback and fine tuning which saves money in advertising campaigns....the target audience can be narrowed down to not only age groups, but regions, preferences, likes, etc. There is a near real time feedback with stats that can allow a marketer to monitor the performance of a campaign.
If this seems to general or too much Geek-speak, etc. it should at least give you a glimpse into the fast moving and ongoing innovations in social media development that Facebook provides to developers. Yes, there are bugs and things to be worked out. However, for a company that just launched the Like button a year ago.....I think we can allow for a few tweaks along the way.
Stay tuned.
The purpose of this new blog: www.LikesTweetsandSEO.com  for Business is to integrate and implement the tools and methods to produce the best results using these new technologies. Google is all about searching (mainly) and Facebook about sharing. Both searching and sharing are two ways of reaching potential customers and should be integrated in to a marketing plan for the best results.

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