The New Blogger Dynamic Pages

The new dynamic templates have a social media tab below each post, in addition to allowing a faster load of code. Although you have a default view when saved, there are seven others shown above that can be used by the viewer: Classic, Flipcard, etc. This default view with the Magazine template opens with a popup page, that when closed then reverts to the main blog page. Try viewing this blog with the other tabs to see the effect.  The bouquet image is a 345 x 378 px aligned right.Notice how some of the templates only show an image which may encourage embedded text with the image to identify a topic that can be clicked on to view. The editing does not seem easy to navigate to, but these new dynamic templates are still in the beta testing stage for my review before fully integrating them with other blogs that I have developed with Nice features though. Good job Google ! As content is becoming more important for page ranking and reputation management, I  am looking forward Google's further development of these dynamic templates for these purposes. - David Brown , Logion Web Design

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